Carlo d'Asaro Biondo

Chief Executive Officer

Carlo d’Asaro Biondo joined TIM in April 2020 with the task of steering the Group’s partnerships activities and as Leader of the cloud project that brought to the creation of Noovle S.p.A. of which is currently CEO.

For more than 10 years at Google, he covered the role of President SEMEA Operations (Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa) from 2009 to 2015, and then from 2015 to 2020 President EMEA for Strategic and Institutional Partnerships & Relationship.

Prior joining Google he was President and CEO of KPMG Consulting – French subsidiary, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA Telecommunications and Media at Unisys, President and CEO of AOL France and later of AOL Europe, CEO of International Operations for Lagardère Active Media.

Carlo is a board member of ONG Optic Humana Technology and of B2B Retailer Manutan.

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Carlo d'Asaro Biondo
Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Nitin Gupta is Noovle Group’s Chief Financial Officer, an entrepreneurial-minded CFO determined to maximize shareholder value.

Nitin joined Telecom Italia in 2020 and has been actively involved in the team responsible for the startup of the Noovle Group SpA company. He has over 25 years of experience in building and leading finance teams in global companies with significant operating scale and complexity across the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.

As a CFO, Nitin provides financial leadership, supports in setting strategic priorities and is responsible for Noovle’s financial operations. He oversees accounting and controllership, financial planning and analysis, management control and reporting, and business controller functions.

Prior to joining Telecom Italia, Nitin has worked with Siemens, Nokia & Italtel and held various roles in finance, operations & corporate strategy (including M&A). While at Siemens, Nitin was instrumental in orchestrating business-model transformation for one of their businesses. He led a company-wide productivity program focused on re-allocating capital investments, aligning company priorities and achieving a sustainable margin improvement.

Additionally, Nitin served as Vice Chairman on the Board of Trustees for an educational institution in Chicago. He led their strategic plan & partnered with companies to aid students in enhancing their skills & competence with use of artificial intelligence based technologies, preparing them for the ‘world of tomorrow’.

Nitin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Delhi (India) and has an MBA in Strategy, Finance & Start-ups from University of Warwick (United Kingdom).

Paolo Vannuzzi

Paolo Vannuzzi

Commercial Operations

Born in Florence in 1970, after completing his studies Paolo began his professional career working in Tuscany’s primary IT companies, in particular in the development of networking projects.

In just a few years he acquired managerial skills and began holding leadership positions.

In 1999 he created his first IT company with a team dedicated to messaging and collaboration applications. This platform soon became a benchmark in the IBM world for Lotus Notes. In 2006 Global Base was introduced to the market with a successful partner, Google Enterprise.

As the head of the main Tuscan systems integrator, he developed an efficient sales network and a team dedicated to developing the digital transformation market. 2013 was a year of change: Global Base and ScubeNewMedia gave rise to Noovle S.r.l..

Since 2013, in the role of CEO and commercial director, he has brought significant growth to the company in terms of revenue and market position, earning various international recognitions, creating a commercial network and web of partnerships across Italy, and following the development of foreign countries (France, Switzerland, Malta).

Alfredo Nulli

Alfredo Nulli

Portfolio & Center of Excellence

Alfredo Nulli is married with two children, and is passionate about running and sports.

During his professional career he has worked for some of the most important international companies in the ICT sector.

He began his career at Sun Microsystems, holding various international positions, both in the field of professional services and in that of constructing solutions (in the Java field). He continued with Cisco, where, for the vertical service provider, he oversaw the introduction of the California-based company’s data center. After this experience he moved to EMC and then to Pure Storage where he worked in the CTO’s EMEA office and was responsible for cloud solutions for over 5 years, contributing to the company’s growth and finally earning a leadership position in data management. For the past 15 years he has worked in teams which have offered solutions and products on a global and European scale and have given him the opportunity to work and live in different contexts. He knows and understands international markets and the dynamics at the basis of cloud adoption processes and their connected services in the various markets. He calls himself “”an architect of the ICT world”” and aspires to unite driven technological skills with the ability to popularise them and make them more assimilable by decision makers.

Noovle S.p.A.’s objective is to continue making choices based on sustainable innovation. The sustainability of innovation is a founding criteria of its past activity and will continue to dictate the direction of this adventure.

Luigi Bellani

Luigi Bellani

Data Center, Colocation & Operations

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Rome’s “”La Sapienza”” University and a license to practice, during his first professional experience, as an oceanographic researcher, Luigi authored various scientific articles on marine pollution and how to detect and prevent it.

At the start of the 1990s he joined the Telecom Italia Group where he continued his professional development in positions of increasing responsibility in the field of information technology, overseeing software development, system integration services, design services, and management and practice of VAS platforms for the mobile telephone network.

He became a manager in 2000 following the agreement signed by Telecom Italian and IBM in the same year, and was asked to oversee the creation of the group’s first internet data centers envisaged in the agreement.

In subsequent years he oversaw all of Telecom Italia Group’s data center infrastructure, implementing an upgrading, transformation, consolidation, and development plan that has led to a total renewal of the entire data center network.

Since 2010 he has been responsible for the design of IT infrastructure, defining the evolutionary path and their benchmark architectures, and guiding, through the adoption of virtualisation techniques, the transformation of vertical legacy infrastructures, first towards the world of private cloud and, subsequently, also towards public cloud solutions.

During the two-year period from 2019-2020 he assumed responsibility for the management of the IT infrastructure in its entirety according to an end-to-end model, overseeing architectural, engineering, and implementation aspects as well as more strictly operational aspects and those having to do with the management of infrastructural services themselves.

Fabrizio Broccolini

Fabrizio Broccolini

Cloud Infrastructure Practices

In 1990 Fabrizio earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of L’Aquila. He then went on to earn a master’s degree from New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering in 1991 and a master’s in Business Administration from LUISS in 2007.

He was involved in launching TIM’s data services onto the mobile network based on the Internet Protocol. Since 2011 he has been the head of engineering for TIM’s ICT and Cloud solutions for businesses. At Noovle S.p.A.he is the head of the operational division charged with the development and management of the hybrid and multi-cloud services for Italian companies.

Fabrizio is passionate about history and classical antiquity. He lives in Rome with his wife and daughter. He spends his free time cooking, running, and reading.

Alessandro Giacometti

Alessandro Giacometti


Born in Milan on 14 January 1977, Alessandro earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Milan. After his first professional experiences as a systems engineer at Gruppo Reti and Lutech, where he acquired knowledge of Microsoft technologies, in 2005 he joined the Enterprise and Partner division of this American multinational.

At Microsoft he held various pre-sales positions in the data center area (client, virtualisation, management, monitoring, private cloud) before finally becoming a Hybrid Cloud Solution Specialist for major clients in the banking and insurance sectors.

In 2016 he joined Accenture as a manager in the Technology Advisory practice of their financial services. He was promoted to Senior Manager in 2018 and is responsible for advisory, assessment, transformation, and cloud adoption projects for important banking clients.

In September 2020 he joined TIM in its cloud project, and as of January 2021 is the head of Noovle’s Cloud Business Unit for TIM.

Piergiorgio De Campo

Piergiorgio De Campo

Cloud Application Practices

Born in 1966, married and father of three children, Piergiorgio lives in Milan where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences in 1990.

Always inspired by a profound interest in technological innovation, he acquired his first professional experience in a De Agostini Group company before going on to participate in various entrepreneurial projects as an administrator and technical manager.

Since 1995, the year in which he founded his first company, his professional journey has been characterised by a pronounced penchant for interpreting technological paradigms capable of accelerating the digital transformation and the innovation of processes within organisations that allowed him to develop projects in various fields like the cloud, mobility, big data/analytics, IoT, AI, blockchain, and more.

In 2005 the company SCUBE NewMedia, focused on emerging technologies based on Cloud Computing and of which he is a founding member, became the primary partner of the newly formed Google Enterprise. This experience granted him a privileged perspective on the evolution of IT technology coming from Silicon Valley.

In 2013 SCUBE NewMedia evolved into Noovle Srl, a strategic consulting company specialised in supplying cloud projects of high innovational impact and a Premier Partner of Google Cloud in Italy (in 2019 the Top EMEA Cloud Search Partner), a Cloud Reseller Partner of Salesforce, and PartnerEdge Sell of SAP CX4HANA. Noovle operates in all of the most important industrial sectors including insurance and banking, retail and manufacturing, and public administration and healthcare.

At Noovle Srl he is Administrator and CTO. From 2018 to 2020 he held the position of Administrator and General Director, coordinating the company’s organisational evolution which was characterised by significant and constant annual growth.

At Noovle S.p.A.he is the head of Professional & Managed Services.

Giordano Gregorig

Giordano Gregorig

Business Development

Giordano has a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Trieste.

He began his career at IMI (Istituto Mobiliare Italiano) working as a financial analyst on corporate finance projects for large and medium-sized Italian companies in the northeast. On joining TIM in 1998 he worked in the international division, coordinating acquisition projects in the mobile sector with Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East before moving on to competitive development in Italy. From 2011 to 2013 he was Vice President of the steering committee for the partnership with the Spanish group Telefonica.

  • Since 2014 Giordano has been dedicated to scouting inorganic opportunities and partnerships in markets adjacent to the telco sector (ex. automotive, eHealth, financial services) and coordinating complex projects for which he is also in charge of the financial assessment.
  • Since 2019, within the sphere of the Strategy, Customer Experience and Transformation office, he has coordinated complex transformation projects, devoting himself to the launch of the strategic partnership with Google Cloud and to TIM’s business cloud spin off into Noovle S.p.A.
Daniela Casale

Daniela Casale

Human Resources

Amedeo Persi

Amedeo Persi

Information Technology

An electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and information technology fields, Amedeo joined TIM in 1996, working on the design, creation, and launch of the prepaid platform for the real time management of billing for mobile clients, a project that met with great success.

An executive within the Telecom Italia group since 2004, he subsequently gained profound knowledge and broad experience in all IT fields, from governance activities (budgeting and planning, supplier management, architetture, licensing, process performance) to development (billing, analytics), testing, and operations, assuming positions of increasing responsibility over the years. In 2018 he became the head of Telecom Italia’s IT operations, managing over 700 IT applications and a group of approximately 600 collaborators.

Since January 2020 he has played a key role in the transformation process which the company has undertaken through the strategic partnership signed with Google, guiding its transformation towards the cloud as the head of Cloud Architecture, Engineering & Delivery and managing the planning and budget of the entire Cloud & Data Center division. Among the primary results achieved in this area are: a reduction in on-premises delivery times (from 28 to less than 3 days) and the start of the migration of TIM applications to Google Cloud.

With the creation of Noovle S.p.A.he has assumed responsibility for the IT function with the objective of supporting the company in the development of new businesses (through the evolution of the CRM systems and the data platforms), the increase of internal productivity and efficiency through technical governance initiatives, and the evolution of enterprise service management tools in order to ensure the company’s technological evolution in full respect of the security and compliance standards defined by the TIM Group.

Lucrezia Rossi

Lucrezia Rossi

Legal Affairs

Roberto Mazzilli

Roberto Mazzilli

Security & Compliance

Mariarosaria Taddeo


Mariarosaria Taddeo is Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where she is the Deputy Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, and is Faculty Fellow and Defence Science and Technology Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Her recent work focuses mainly on the ethical analysis of Artificial Intelligence, cyber security , cyber conflicts, and ethics of digital innovation. Her area of expertise is Philosophy and Ethics of Information, although she has worked on issues concerning Epistemology, Logic, and Philosophy of AI.

She has received multiple award for her work, among which the 2010 Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy; the 2016 World Technology Award for Ethics.

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Mariarosaria Taddeo