Code of Ethics

Noovle informs its business according to the principles contained in this Code, adopted by the TIM Group, in the belief that ethics in the conduct of business is a fundamental condition for the company’s success.

Anti-corruption Policy

This Policy is an integral part of the Anti-bribery Management System which complies with the UNI ISO 37001 “Anti-bribery Management Systems” standard and provides the framework of standards and rules of conduct for the prevention of corruption within the Group.


The TIM Group strongly believes in the importance of fostering an open, ethical, transparent and accountable corporate culture.

That is why it makes a Portal available to everyone, where they can report  any irregularities of which they become aware and which could cause damage or harm to Group companies or third parties to the Supervisory Body.

Anyone can submit a report: employees, partners, customers, suppliers, consultants, associates and, more generally, any third party.

It is possible to report any fact or behaviour (even of omission or only potentially harmful), suitably substantiated, of which one has become aware and which may cause damage or harm to TIM, Group companies or third parties.

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Board of Directors


Agostino Nuzzolo

CEO and legal rapresentative

Massimo Mancini


Paolo Vannuzzi Innocenti


Eugenio Santagata


Nicoletta Savini

Board of Statutory Auditors

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Werther Montanari

standing auditor

Francesca Di Donato

standing auditor

Stefano Spiniello

alternate auditor

Michele Casaglia Masi

alternate auditor

Gaetano Rebecchini

audit firm

Ernst & Young SPA