The future is in Information Management and Smart Enterprise

The collaborative approach makes companies more competitive

Enterprise Information Management

Thanks to the experience and certifications on the G Suite, platform, the Noovle team guarantees the client a high level of support during all the phases of the project, from the purchasing of the licenses to the choice of the most suitable professional services and training. Moreover, to simplify the implementation of the new technologies, Noovle developed trustApp Platform, a hybrid platform capable of integrating instruments for the communication and collaboration of G Suite (and more), with dematerialization services in compliance with Italian laws and existing corporate systems.

Change Management and Smart Enterprise

The Change Management process, supported by the Noovle team, constitutes a significant aspect of the G Suite projects. It is used to manage the change to Smart Working intelligently and is subdivided into three progressive phases: Communication, Training and Readiness. These three may be complemented by another step to support the innovation of the procedures: the Transformation Lab, which Noovle was among the first in Italy to adopt with success. What is it? Once a process shared by all the business divisions has been identified, Noovle is capable of organising a workshop that illustrates the functioning with G Suite in real time. The adoption of new technologies is also facilitated by the Google Guides: personnel belonging to the company involved, trained on the functioning of the G Suite, that shares its own experience and the user methods of the new instruments in parallel with the rest of the corporate population.

Single System Data View

The new generation platforms, or Single System View, allow seamless interaction among users, applications, tools, technologies, processes, contents, and services. The users – whether they be clients, simple citizens, companies, or institutions – become the recognised subjects of a system that put the organisation in contact with its own users, in real time and bi-directionally, via digital media and technology, supporting access that is widespread and integrated with information, real-time collaboration, and advanced communication.

Smart Enterprise and Noovle

Experience and personalised support

A Smart Enterprise increases productivity, the quality of the work, and competitiveness. How? Looking toward Digital Innovation, streamlining processes, streamlining information processing and management, reducing wastes and inefficiencies, and leveraging communication, collaboration, and the opportunity to work on the go or, in other words, assuming all the characteristics of Smart Working within itself.


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