What is OnTheMap Geomarketing?

OnTheMap is an advanced cloud-based geomarketing application that allows you to intercept potential markets in real time, analysing the target location and predicting commercial performance. The application was designed and built around the needs of companies with the aim of optimising their presence in the location in question. It is able to predict the commercial performance of a new point of sale on the basis of historical and contextual data.

OnTheMap supports companies in making strategic development decisions for the location. It facilitates assessment of the potential of the location by mapping accurate information and applying reliable predictive algorithms. It makes it possible to analyse the supply and demand characteristics of a location in real time and to estimate the potential for a specific company.
OnTheMap is secure, reliable and fast thanks to Google Cloud and Google Maps technology. It is driven by up-to-date and accurate information and is underpinned by the reliability of TradeLab’s advanced statistical algorithms.



Google Maps functionality combined with Noovle’s technological and integration skills developed for geospatial projects



Geocoded information provides an estimate of potential revenue



Algorithms tailored to the customer’s specific analysis and forecasting needs



Google Cloud computing power for real-time analysis



Cloud & Custom

A fully customisable Cloud tool tailored for your business

Predictive Models

Consolidated methodology based on continuously updated predictive models, also through Data Mining and Market Analysis


Algorithms tailored to specific customer needs

Geocoded information

Use of constantly updated information on the location and demographics

Google Maps

Native integration with Google Maps

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform guarantees data security

OnTheMap Geomarketing allows you to:

Knowing the location

By defining the geographical area of interest, you can find out the characteristics of supply and demand: OnTheMap extracts detailed information on target consumption and competitors, also to assess market potential.


Information from Geo-referenced Databases:


Socio-demographic data

By defining the geographic area of interest you can learn about the characteristics of supply and demand with detailed information on attackable consumption and competitors, also to assess market potential.


Income indices

The combined reading of the data, through specific income indices, provides an indication of the development potential of the target area.


Value of household

Analysis of the value of household consumption for different categories of goods and services is essential to identify the correct target and customize the offer to the customer’s needs.


Players and competitive advantage in the sector in question

With the predictive algorithms and parametric values of the advanced geomarketing model, it is possible to analyze the territory through a statistical-gravitational model capable of defining the basin of attraction of the individual store by estimating its expected turnover as a whole and in the individual components of merchandise offerings.

Estimating performance

Combined reading of the data provides an idea of the development potential of the area in question, while the application of specific predictive algorithms provides an estimate of the foreseeable commercial performance for the company in the specific context.

The predictive algorithms and parametric values of the advanced geomarketing model allow the location to be analysed using a statistical-gravitational model that is capable of defining the catchment area of the individual sales outlet and estimating the expected turnover as a whole and for the individual components of the product range.

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Choosing OnTheMap means receiving real-time data extractions, searches and reports that can help you increase your business, thanks to the relationship between databases and geographical and geo-intelligence capabilities, in which we are leaders.

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