The partnership

Dell Technologies offers customers the broadest and most innovative portfolio of technologies and services for the Data Age, providing digital architecture and solutions that put security and privacy at the forefront for businesses and for people.

The company supports customers of all dimensions across 180 countries – including 99% of Fortune 500 companies – by offering a broad and innovative portfolio of products, technologies and services that are the result of continuous investment in research and development. Over the past five years, Dell Technologies has invested more than $20 billion in this area, and currently has more than 30,000 patents and patent applications.

Thanks to a long-standing partnership with TIM, supporting both internal and market-oriented needs, Dell Technologies helps companies and people to build their digital future by transforming the ways that they work, live and socialise. Dell Technologies plays a crucial role in helping its customers and partners on their journey to digital transformation. In this context, it embarked on a path of collaboration and partnership with Noovle to define a target architecture, enabling Multicloud and Workplace transformation with innovative and effective solutions. 

The common objective of the two companies is to implement digital architecture in Noovle’s data centres, in order to offer the B2B market a digital transformation path that enables better T2M, increased operational efficiency, and technological innovation; thanks to advanced infrastructures and innovative application services.


Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Security, High Performance Computing, Hardware, Unified & Digital Workspace, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP & VMWare Solutions.



Dell Technologies is playing a critical role in changing the digital landscape around the world thanks to hybrid cloud solutions and the new APEX as-a-Service portfolio, which simplify the way businesses consume technology. Dell Technologies offers a unified approach to infrastructure, data, applications and security, for a future made up of millions of systems residing in edge environments, High Performance Computing solutions and numerous social impact and sustainability initiatives.


Dell Technologies serves businesses and organizations of all sizes, including Enterprise, Mid-Market, Public Administration and Small Businesses, supported by a broad ecosystem of partners, resellers, system integrators, service providers and distributors that are part of dedicated channel programmes.