Customer Identity Strategy


The digital revolution taking place has had a great impact on the methods and channels through which users interact with their bank or insurance company. The many physical and virtual touch points available to real and potential customers allow for more fluid and spontaneous interaction due to the fact that each channel has its own specific user experience.
At the same time, companies are also experiencing the ability to establish increasingly deeper relationships with their users due to the great amount of opportunities for interaction. A proper technological and strategic approach allows us to rethink our processes and our business strategy, focusing on the individual and his needs.

Optimizing your Client’s User/Customer Journey

Mapping out a unique user/customer journey for your audience is increasingly difficult nowadays. The many channels and contact points available offer the ability to create a specific decision-making path for each user, addressing his/her unique needs and peculiarities.
The Noovle4Finance solution has been designed to offer support that enables proper supervision of the user/customer journey, both online and offline, providing the best technologies and a consulting approach that is specific to each context, from determining the correct strategy to the completion of the user’s knowledge path.

Processes and Solutions for Finance

The solution proposed by Noovle supports companies at the crucial initial phase of connecting with potential clients, and then continues into the engagement phase, and up to customer care.


The best digital management platforms offer the ability to exploit the potential of data from sources and in different formats. Technology, together with the expertise of the special finance team, ensures the ability to establish increasingly precise inferences regarding users who gravitate around the company Brand and offers the appropriate tools to generate the most suitable offers and messages for the public’s needs.


Knowledge about the user leads to the construction of a one-to-one relationship, making it possible to offer products and services that are increasingly tailored to individual needs. Noovle has extensive experience with the technological and strategic integrating of platforms that enable the collection and processing of an ample database that is updated in real time about the specificity of its audience, operating in full compliance with applicable legal regulations in the target area.


User attention is increasingly focused on service and products, and expectations for companies increase mainly due to the support services that these are able to offer across all the connection and access channels available to the public. Noovle offers the best platforms for monitoring and resolving customer assistance requests by managing the different sources: e-mail, online chat, calls, and social media, in an integrated manner.

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