Noovle: Go Digital & Be Digital

Noovle projects in the insurance sector are based on an ecosystem of agile digital infrastructures and enabling platforms aimed at innovating internal procedures. In this transformation of the processes, Smart Working is triggered, which allows the simplification of corporate processes, while guaranteeing the sales network a smart environment in “mobility” with “anytime, anyway, anywhere” services. The user then becomes an active element of the entire Digital System, exactly as what happens in the consumer world, where interaction with the surrounding reality is constant. Communicating in real time boosts the competitiveness of the company and makes it possible to give visibility effectively to marketing campaigns and profile product offers.

The future of Insurance is digital
As highlighted by the “Roadmap for winning as insurance goes digital” study conducted in 2014 by BCG: 15% of clients in western nations would be read to shift towards “remote channels” while another 50% would prefer to interact with their own insurance company with a hybrid approach that combines personal relations with virtual ones. This trend is also flourishing on the Italian insurance market, where it happens that about 58% of users subscribe to a policy on-line and another 20% would choose a digital solution for their practicality and reliability.


Preventing risk
Important settings of applications are represented by domotics, from health to life insurance policies.  Insurances can evolve towards a risk monitoring and prevention system thanks to connections with sensors installed in home, store, and business security systems that are capable of detecting anomalies and emergencies in real time. Even in the health care field, the insurance sector is already considering Home Care as a complementary service, while some wearables capable of monitoring activities, diet, and sleep are already present in Italian mass distribution, making way for future developments.

IoT and fraud reduction
The availability of data is useful even for the reduction of fraud: the Internet of Things is already a reality in the automobile insurance sector. Just think of the black box – a satellite device offered by insurance companies to collect more precise data to take into consideration in case of an accident. In some countries, like in Russia, the dash camera is already common. This is a video camera that records everything that happens in front of the car and that could become a useful tool for settling dubious situations in case of claims.

Big Data & Business Intelligence
In order to fully exploit the information assets in their possession, insurance companies are aiming increasingly towards a business model based on the analysis of Big DATA, capable of providing flexible and personalised policies that correspond to users’ needs. If in the past the profile of the insured was built according to personal data, the information concerning the use of an automobile, and risk category, today it is possible to use the web to cross-reference data collected via Social Networks and navigation systems to recover information on the driving habits of clients to construct precise risk profiles and head toward an actual digitalization of insurances.

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