New paradigms in Health Care

A digital strategy, attentive to the behaviour and needs shared by all users (patients-nurses-doctors-company management) can, according to the level of informatics of the individual structure, lead to:

Savings between 194 and 1650 million euro per year.*


A reduction in the travel time to the structures and waiting at service desks quantified somewhere between 2,990 and 4,930 million euro.*

However, what can be done to reach a similar objective? Above all, it would be necessary to aim towards a strategy attentive to the behaviour and needs of all the users (patients-nurses-doctors-company management). Health care in the digital era indeed leads towards a model of Chronic Care in which medicine is personalised, proactive, preventive, and participatory. The models that are taking a stand as new paradigms of efficiency for Health Care are very dependent on the capacity of all the players to participate in the process and the information and interact, thereby contributing to defining a Smart Health Care System that represents a single integrated system.

*Analysis conducted by the Polytechnic of Milan Observatory in May 2015.

The Person-Process-Territory triad  If digital is the supporting axis of this innovation process, the other elements at the basis of the Digital Transformation rotate around the Person-Process-Territory triad and the network: making available a uniform platform means developing a direct channel that the citizen-patient and health care company can use, thereby fluidifying the flow of information and reducing the times of communication and performing of the service. In practice, what does all this add up to?  There are many possibilities:


Booking visits and examinations based on geographic and proximity technologies

Exchange of information flow for the compiling the diagnosis

Accessibility to results on line

Management of private physicians working in public health care and accounting

Management and collection of data in the territorial assistance setting

Development of PACS cloud systems for the legal archiving and consultation of medical-health care documents


Integrated public, company, or intranet communications portals

Platforms for the management of emergencies and emergency telephone dispatchers

Noovle proposes.  A Health Cloud system allows the rationalization of resources, progressive dehospitalization, greater facility of interaction between patients and the health care structure, and the possibility for patients to independently access their own information, thereby instilling in the citizen a sense of a nearby health care system prepared to meet all of his or her needs. Within this platform strategy, Noovle proposes that Health Care be divided into three lines of action:

platform for Smart Working in Health Care

digital platform for the development of applications and services

platform for Big Data, Fraud Management, and Data Mining analyses

Noovle’s approach has the objective of facilitating and streamlining the integration of basic technologies, together with different applications and data sources. In this way, all the areas exploring an Integrated User Experience with an agile approach (Agile IT) and with the possibility of enhancing existing services.

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