Google for Education

Free tools that simplify and improve the scholastic experience of students and teachers. Accessible at any time, on any device.

Google for Education: Advanced Tools for Students and Teachers

Google for Education: free, easy to use, always accessible

Google for Education is the set of free tools that Google makes available to schools and universities.
All the Google for Education solutions are easy to use, always accessible from the web or on all other devices (computers, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets).
The G Suite for Education platform provided tools that stimulate collaboration and communication within the class and among students and teachers.
Noovle is Google Cloud Premier Partner: your contact for the activation and consultation on G Suite for Education and on all the Google for Education solutions.

Free Productivity Tools

G Suite for Education provide tools that simplify the work and study of teachers and students, saving them time.

Contents and Apps for All the Students

A store dedicated to students with thousands of applications, books, and videos approved by teachers and suitable for students of all ages.

Modern Devices and Simple to Use

Give your students portable computers (Chromebook) and cutting-edge Android tablets that are simple to use and in keeping with the budget limitations of your school.

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