Services and Cloud Solutions for Companies and Public Administrations

Cloud solutions for companies represent the sustainable business model: economic savings, efficient services and development opportunities.

Cloud solutions for companies and PA: the advantages

Infinite processing and storage capabilities, scalability and flexibility, security and compliance, cost control, accessibility from every device: here is the Cloud of Noovle!

Noovle offers the world’s most powerful Cloud Service to develop projects with no limits

Google Cloud Platform is the Cloud platform that hosts modular services that can be used to quickly create digital projects, from websites to more complex applications.
Developing projects on Google Cloud Platform means working on the same infrastructure that allows Google to provide users billions of search results in milliseconds, to stream billions of hours of video on YouTube per month, and manage millions of Gmail accounts.


The advantages of Cloud services for companies and public administrations proposed by Noovle

Flexibility and Competitive Advantage

The Cloud solutions developed by Noovle are capable of adapting rapidly to potential evolutions of the business scenario: the architectures are structured in interchangeable modules, managed by web interfaces that can be accessed anywhere, from any device, and with a 99.9% SLA. In other words, the Cloud allows an extraordinarily fast innovation cycle compared to traditional technologies, making it possible for the business to gain an unprecedented competitive edge. 


Cost Control

In addition to all this there is an important economic aspect: the company only pays for the service it actually uses (pay per use). No activation cost and no licence fee is required. The resources used for the software, like storage and band, are invoiced at competitive prices, that companies can control directly from their dashboard at any time.


Find out what your company could do with the Google Cloud Platform!

Rely on a highly specialized team in Cloud solutions for companies

Noovle employs a dedicated and highly qualified team, with partners, technical staff and trainers certified by Google among the best internationally. Our goal is to develop projects that also integrate existing infrastructures, supporting companies and Governments in planning and managing integration, ensuring business continuity.

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