Smart Video Cloud Platform


How to choose the most suitable video platform for your business’ needs?

Nowadays, video is the most appreciated web content by Internet users, and this is why companies need to create original and engaging content, and make it available in real time. Trying to keep up with the great market demand, brands often find themselves choosing video platforms that promise speed and savings. And the result? The quality of the videos suffers, as does the brand recognition. 

Noovle’s proposal


Baboon is the video platform created on the Google Cloud Platform. It is a simple and accessible tool that allows the user to create and maintain his/her own video repository, equipped with publishing tools and a proprietary recommendation engine system: a tool that permits the automatic analysis of contents and contexts thanks to the power of Google Cloud’s Machine Learning and the precision of the Puma semantic search engine.


All the advantages of the Smart Video Cloud Platform

Native cloud platform

Baboon was created on the Google Cloud Platform – the same as the YouTube infrastructure – and has inherited all of the main features: reliability, scalability and economy.
But Noovle’s Smart Video Cloud Platform is a tool designed for enterprise use: it ensures total control of contents and revenues associated with them, full autonomy for the customization of publication channels, public segmentation, and the creation of a user experience integrated with various brand channels.

Integrated video intelligence

Baboon provides integrated support for key video publishing features, such as advertising distribution using adserver, management of encoding profiles, management of interactivity, and access to specific video analytics.
Using the Recommendation NRE engine, suggestions, sequencing and ad targeting can be managed automatically and ensure extremely high performance.

Easily-integrated platform

Access to the platform is made using an exhaustive set of REST APIs which permits full customization of the front end and the ability to connect to each CMS supplied by the publisher.
Baboon was designed with a modular approach that allows for platform customization using proprietary or third-party tools – such as a transcoding engine, a front-end player or distribution CDN, depending on the specific needs of each individual client.

NRE, the Recommender System

*NRE* is Noovle’s proprietary recommender system capable of creating a network of correlations based on video data, thus maximizing the views of content in a “play next suggestion” setting.
*NRE* is based on the latest Google Cloud Machine Learning technologies and is able to create suggestions based on: tagging, metadata (title, captions, descriptions), user experience (profiled according to behavior), information derived from video transcripts, information derived from the publication context.

Baboon is the video platform dedicated to:

Online Media & Publishing company

Brands & Retail

Training & e-learning

Corporate Communication



Native cloud platform


Integration of videos on your website using a brandable player


Proprietary and easily-integrated analytics


Functions include uploading, tagging and modifying of contents through a single access point


Easy video publication


Customization of the platform with proprietary or third-party tools

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