What is OnTheMap Experience?

OnTheMap Experience is an extension of OnTheMap that allows you to improve online visibility for your network of shops, ensuring a coordinated and unified brand image: it offers up-to-date, centralized information across all digital channels.

OnTheMap Experience strengthens the presence of the network of shops throughout the location, boosts online visibility, enhances and creates new services, and improves the customer experience with the aim of driving more traffic to sales outlets.

In its hub of geo-referenced content relating to individual stores, it contains all the data and media assets of the physical shops, such as address, geographical location, contacts, opening hours, products and services offered, promotions, events, photos and videos.

OnTheMap allows all information about the shops to be managed centrally and published in an automated and synchronised manner across multiple touchpoints, such as web apps, store locators, store minisites, mobile apps, virtual assistants, Google My Business and Facebook Places. This ensures that all the information is always up to date.

It places primary importance on data, which allows full control and governance of information, supporting the dissemination of a coordinated and unified brand image.




The OnTheMap Experience administration console allows fully autonomous management of geo-referenced data, applications and reputation with an interface accessible directly from the web.

Constantly updated content

OnTheMap Experience centralises, synchronises and automates the publication of sales point data across multiple channels: store locators, websites, mobile apps, Google My Business profiles, Facebook and virtual assistants, ensuring content is always up to date and correct.

Analytics & reports

OnTheMap Experience automatically captures browsing data and application interactions, Google My Business and Facebook statistics, providing monitoring dashboards with KPIs relevant to the business.

Easy to integrate

OnTheMap Experience provides API services for integration into your own applications or third-party products. Easy integration makes it a unique application for efficient management of geo-referenced business data. Its mapping engine allows the manipulation of complex data from different origins, with a wide choice of functionality.

Its functions allow you to:


Upload, edit and publish

shop-related data, information, media, promotions and events



store locators in a few days



appointments in store or via video call



posts, automatically update information and moderate reviews on Google My Business and Facebook



data with internal applications or third-party systems via API

Native integration with Google Maps Platform

Information can be displayed intuitively and according to customer needs. For the user it is like navigating in Google Maps, with all the information visible through the various types of cartographic representation: Map, Satellite, Terrain and Street View. Noovle’s accumulated experience has enabled it to undertake all kinds of projects in the field of geo-intelligence, guaranteeing effectiveness and efficiency for its customers.
The projects carried out demonstrate how technologies based on geo-referenced data can be applied in different areas, integrating store-related information, POIs, website locators, CRM systems, Business Intelligence applications and much more. The value that Noovle contributes is its technological expertise and its ability to adapt the product to the specific needs of the customer with a tailor-made approach. A fully cloud-based product without any impact on a company’s IT structure, enabling immediate adoption.

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Today, companies of all sizes across all sectors want to offer their customers a unique experience: OnTheMap Experience is the ideal geo-intelligence application to improve the customer experience by controlling and managing data centrally.

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