The partnership

VMware’s software product includes solutions for app modernization, cloud, networking, security, and the Digital Workspace. 

Noovle has chosen VMware infrastructure to offer a wide range of services, not only because VMware is the market leader, but also because VMware is the solution that enables and amplifies Noovle’s ability to offer the hybrid cloud and multicloud model on the market. 

By partnering with VMware, Noovle can offer solutions to those customers aiming to make the cloud a commodity, and allow them to use cloud providers as a reference installation base, and subsequently move forward technically in a seamless way using a common layer. Noovle creates value for the customer, who remains free to choose heterogeneous services and solutions while maintaining a single control plan. As part of Noovle’s cloud transformation business line, VMware implements workload mobility services in the compute area. At the same time, VMware is working with Noovle to enrich its portfolio of services, including infrastructure services such as security as-a-service or load balancing as-a-service, and to complement Noovle’s offering in the infrastructure as-a-service area in multicloud mode.


Multi Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Workloads, Networking, Workspace, App & Cloud, Security



Workload Mobility, Infrastructure as-a-Service, Security as-a-Service, Desktop and app virtualisation, Unified Endpoint Management and Security, Cloud Management, Secure Access Service Edge, Network security, Network operation and automation, App creation and modernisation, Workspace platform, Desktop Hypervisor.


Financial Services, Federal Public Administration, State-Local Public Administration, Health Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, Universities, Education (primary and secondary schools), Manufacturing, Retail.