The partnership

Noovle and Citrix allow people to work and produce in the best possible way – anywhere, with any device, network or cloud – with a consistent and secure work experience.

This is not just an ambition. For companies, it is a real opportunity to enable modern and distributed styles of work, while simplifying an organisation’s IT complexity. Indeed, leading organisations know that a well-designed digital workspace engages and retains employees, and therefore enables growth. For people, this partnership means having a digital workspace that organises, guides and automates their work in the most effective and immediate way, by bringing together what they need in order to be productive. The user experience is a consumer experience, it is identical on every device used, and security is guaranteed by zero-trust models.


What are the ingredients of this uniqueness?

Citrix Workspace is not only the virtual workplace that organises everything securely, but is also the guide that – through smart feeds and customised notifications – frees the worker from trivial and distracting matters. Through integration with business applications, and without leaving the workspace, it is also possible to automate routine or low value-added tasks. This eliminates context-switching between applications, which deconcentrates and impacts productivity. One can then focus on the tasks to be done, without worrying about how to do them; or which application is needed, where it is, how to access it, and how it should be used.


Digital Workspaces, Cloud, Virtualisation, Remote Work, Security, Analytics, integration with access systems, multi-factor authentication, Single Sign-On, Zero Trust, integrations with Google Cloud and Google Workspace, native support for hybrid and multi-cloud contexts, end-point protection, advanced content collaboration and electronic signature, integration with applications and business processes, Collaborative Work Management, Application Delivery & Security.


Citrix Workspace, Endpoint Management, Content Collaboration, Mobile Apps, Microapps, Desktop as-a-Service, Virtualizzazione, Application Delivery & Security, Wrike, Analytics for Performance & Security.


Public Administration, Healthcare, Education, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).