Success Stories

Scuole FAES

The FAES – Family and School Association – was founded in Milan in 1974, with the aim of promoting educational collaboration between the family and the school on the basis of consolidated international experiences. Nowadays the FAES Association manages several School Centers. Five years ago, the Schools began a new path of innovative teaching strongly supported by digital technologies with two main objectives: to work on empowering students’ computational thinking and to help them understand the world of APP, smart spaces and IOT.

The School has provided the administrative staff, teachers and pupils of a G Suite account that allows you to work in a lean and flexible manner respecting security and privacy as appropriate for each category. Thanks to G Suite, it is possible to customize the access and functionality criteria based on the user profile and the desired use. The choice of chrome-based devices allowed to realize modular educational workshops based on the teaching planning of each class. Finally, the possibility of working in the Cloud and a high-performance operating system at affordable costs are certainly to be considered among the advantages for a digital school.

Muse Fintech

Muse Fintech is a highly professional independent structure able to assist clients and families with multiple consulting and digital resources. By the arrival of Fintech solutions, thanks to the analysis of Big Data, advanced digital tools and a consolidated methodology, the company guarantees high-level consultancy to lead customers in planning investment strategies to get the maximum benefit from them.

The project realized in collaboration between Noovle and Muse Fintech aims to create a B2B digital platform of Portfolio Advisory. The tool allows anyone – private individuals, companies, operators in the sector – a simple, fast and transparent access to financial advisory services. Robo Advisor allows the construction and balancing of a portfolio of securities, optimizing results, minimizing risks and obtaining maximum benefits.The platform, built with Liferay DXP technology and Google Cloud Platform, integrates and analyzes historical data through an enterprise dashboard.


The project launched with Noovle plan to use Machine Learning techniques for the automatic identification of the salient parts of the discharge letters in order to automatically identify diagnoses present in each section according to the international classification ICD-9-CM.

The goal is twofold: on the one hand to understand how much and how the algorithms of Machine Learning and the Artificial Intelligence solutions developed in other fields are applicable to the clinical health one; on the other hand to develop specific Machine Learning algorithms to be transformed into services connected to the FSEr, able to offer an added value both to the clinical field (developing support applications for clinical decisions) and to regional governance (population medicine, prevention, etc.).


Webidoo, through the advice of Noovle, has chosen to develop a unique case in Italy: has created an integrated platform thanks to the Salesforce and Google Cloud technologies, expertly orchestrated through the Google’s Apigee module. The platform makes it possible to simplify the management of the internal processes of all the company areas: from the administrative to the commercial department, from customer care to the development and design areas. Looking at the entire corporate lifecycle, the platform is able to automate endless business procedures by making the information uniform to Salesforce, the central engine of all flows. The platform also allows you to manage data and information coming from legacy systems in total security and is able to aggregate data and process them producing analysis strategies for business decisions.

Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti

The Saccheria Franceschetti in a very short time has digitized the warehouse management obtaining excellent efficiency thanks to an application, called ELI.WMS, based on Google App Engine that uses RFID tags placed on the pallets of bags and forklifts.

The company has taken advantage of the potential of the Google ecosystem and has chosen to adopt G Suite to offer employees all over the world the power of the communication and collaboration system, driving the change thanks to the training and change management path designed by Noovle.


App4Health has chosen Liferay for its platform dedicated to citizens, patients, doctors and pharmacies. Liferay allowed the opportunity to integrate different forms created with different native technologies on a single platform, thus going to create a single access point for user authentication.

Today the platform offers the user an integrated navigation experience that drop by for information container and useful advice for the user, until to booking engine for visits and medical services, up to the e-shop. For the near future App4Health is planning the release of the mobile App, built thanks to Liferay technology.

Duff&Phelps Real Estate Advisory Group

Duff & Phelps has chosen Google Maps Platform to digitize the entire business process. Thanks to the use of geo-referenced data, consultants can manage each appraised asset by identifying every possible problem, but above all optimizing the assignment to the most suitable expert and the centralized management of all the historical assessed in that specific area.

Thanks to Google Maps, the expert is able to identify the asset in an unequivocal way, even if this is still under construction and does not yet have a defined toponymy. Also the assignment phase of the dossier to the territorial technician takes place automatically, thanks to an operational search algorithm.

Università degli Studi di Torino

Università degli Studi di Torino adopted G Suite for Education, enjoying the service created by Google dedicated to training institutions. It provided an email account and storage space to both the technical and administrative staff, but especially to all students enrolled by the university, faculty and researchers.

Documents shared in Google Drive increased from 2 million to 20 million in just one year. This is a tangible demonstration of how in a very short time, users were able to appreciate the potential offered by G Suite.

Fracarro Radioindustrie

Starting in 2009, the activation of a series of collaboration services based on Google Docs, Sites and Calendar was started. Among the most interesting applications created: the fully online management of internal and external working groups’ activities. The “cloud” virtual desk created by Fracarro with G Suite simplifies the definition of new processes with a “lean” approach. People are an active part of the review of the working process working in a group on prototypes.


Starting from these assumptions, Sorgenia has started a process of reorganizing internal communication tools by introducing the UNIVERSE intranet, a true digital workspace designed for G Suite, which works on completely social logic.
The HR department has started a process of listening to the whole corporate population, up to a very short time to complete migration from the old internal communication system to the current one.

With the new intranet, the staff has the ability to use tools such as chat Hangouts, Drive, G Mail and all the additional features of UNIVERSE, in complete safety and in integrated mode for a user experience that closely to what we live every day in any social network.

OIC Fondazione Opera Immacolata Concezione Onlus

OIC exploits the G Suite platform across all operational activities with the positioning of approximately 300 Chromedevice on both mobile carts and in offices (gyms, warehouses, kitchens: chromebox) through which the staff manages the activities of each Guest in centralized way. The medical-health team accesses the system – with different levels of authentication and authorization depending on the role of each operator through specialized software available in Cloud.

Università degli Studi di Trento

The University has chosen, through the advice of Noovle, the services of Google for Education, providing professors, researchers, technical and administrative staff, students, PhD students, alumni, ex-employees, ex-students – a universe of about 90,000 people – chat and video tools, simple and immediate to communicate with a view to sharing and promoting easier access to information.

For the Library, Noovle suggested the adoption of the Chrome for Digital Signage and Kiosks platform. In this way, all multimedia information content is organized and managed so that users can use it through a series of interactive screens and totems that use AOpen Chromebase technology.

Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Meyer

From April 12, 2016, the pediatricians of the Tuscany Regional Network, through Google Cloud technology (G SUITE), can become part of a horizontal communication, collaboration and productivity system that allows him to adopt an innovative working method based on on a strong element of flexibility, time and location, and experience a new way of working “really” online.

The site was created with Liferay Portal technology, particularly suitable for projects that want to value social collaboration and teamwork. The paediatricians of the region can communicate with each other and work together remotely by meeting in virtual tables, within a single protected and safe environment.


The previous IT solution adopted by Jobtome allocated the Data Centers in Italy, causing considerable latencies and inconveniences. The migration to Google Cloud Platform of all 34 sites in the context of an Infrastructure as a Service solution carried out by Noovle has allowed us to keep a dynamic pace at low costs in all the countries where the offer of the young digital company is present.

The intervention on a virtual machine from Google allowed technicians to speed up the performance of the service by taking advantage of all the Gigabytes of RAM available.

BPER Banca

The project won the ABI Sustainable Innovation Award in 2015 and in 2016 the Council Presidency Innovation Award in the same category. Cloud and Liferay have proved to be a valid alternative for digital projects in the banking world: the Platform as a Service mode has proved to be a winning way to reduce the time to market and the costs of implementation.

Nowadays there are 18 communities on BeAtlas portal, with over 1,000 registered members. The portal allows foreign communities in Italy to have their own personalized space where they can read news, follow events, exchange opinions, build projects together with Bper and follow their progress.

FISG | Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio

The G Suite simplified all internal administrative activities and positively impacted the organization of sports commissions and related activities. The adoption of trustApp, an application for Google Apps that allows integrating Certified Electronic Mail (PEC), Digital Signature and Storage in accordance with the law has solved all the problems related to the current legislation in relations with CONI and it has made it possible to carry out a correct substitutive filing of the existing documentation, guaranteeing a long-term preservation and researchability and according to the law.

UniPa | Università degli Studi di Palermo

Università di Palermo has distributed to all students an institutional email on Google platform that provides unlimited disk space, in addition to the possibility of video conferencing and sharing data used by teachers during lessons.

The university has started the dematerialization of the documental flow, starting from the electronic verbalization of the profit exams with the conservation of them in a substitutive way, activated digital signatures, a card for university services and wifi and is improving network connectivity and information services in general.

IVRI | Istituti Vigilanza Riuniti d'Italia

The adoption of the G Suite and the implementation of Change Management in a non-invasive way have enabled the development of agile operating methods, characterized by a high degree of efficiency, reliability and pervasiveness, able to increase information sharing and collaboration between the different company components in a short time.

Salmoiraghi & Viganò

The G Suite allowed the various operational sectors to overcome the obsolescence of the previous system and to work in a more transparent, interactive and proactive. After an initial phase of fine tuning, Salmoiraghi & Viganò looks at an extension of Google technologies on all outlets.


The adoption of the G Suite and the Cloud have facilitated the natural evolution and expansion of the business, which has benefited from digital innovation and now looks to the future also through social media.


The shopping experience has been improved and today you can buy all the collections from the comfort of home, with the certainty of receiving original products, sizes and the right models. Noovle selects and implements the best technologies according to the highest quality standards. It is a partner that drives in the transformation process, able to guarantee excellence in its sector.

Noovle led the project with the goal of meeting the client’s expectations at the level of shared KPIs. The integration of an advanced research tool has made it possible to improve the shopping experience: quickly find the product that the user is looking for.


The performance  of e-commerce platform has noticeably increased. The platform has become faster and compliant with modern standards. Innovation also affected operations inside the company, allowing to work better even inside the company.

De Agostini

Initial hesitations were completely dissipated by the possibilities offered by G Suite such as Google Drive and Hangouts. The former provided us a storage capacity that was unthinkable before, with the addition of the possibility of working in collaboration in real time on documents. The latter simplified communication between the various offices and branches, both for meeting and for distance formation.

Celli Group

The company adopted the support of Google Cloud technologies to maintain its operating efficiency among the various plants, reducing costs, even on the move. In the future, the group plans to develop the Cloud above all because it is the most appropriate technological approach to the creation of vertical for the various company functions.


The company has adopted G Suite, maintaining its communicative identity, but at the same time streamlining and standardizing the technological solutions in use. The interaction with the various actors involved in the production and sales cycle has benefited in terms of quality.


CAF, Centrale Attività Finanziarie S.p.A., has left the traditional email world, overcoming the difficulties associated with maintaining servers and licenses, scalability problems and closed application systems and the difficulty of managing the disaster recovery plan. It reached a level of security and control of 100%, with an absolute risk margin over the problems it had before, in addition to improving the portability and usability of the tools made available to employees.


The adoption of G Suite and Google Cloud Platform made it possible to drastically decrease the interventions on individual users, with a considerable saving of costs and intervention times. It is also greatly improved the collaboration among employees.


The adoption of the G Suite triggered a virtuous circle that includes the optimization of travel and costs, improved environmental quality due to fewer vehicles in circulation in the territory, more accurate and transparent data.

All Publiacqua user profiles have been aligned on the suite and equipped with all the functionalities, allowing both a better internal interaction at all professional levels, and a better collaboration towards the outside.

Centrale del Latte di Torino

Google Business View and the virtual tour of the plant created by Noovle made the company not only easily searchable on Google Maps, but allowed the close exploration, even in digital format, of the industrial chain of a brand that for more than half a century has been producing and distributing families daily consumer products guaranteeing freshness and quality.

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