Customized Cloud Retail and E-commerce services

Retail in numbers

Retail is the first sector for number of active businesses and personnel employed in Europe and the second – after wholesale trade – for turnover generated and added value created. According to data processed by the Polytechnic of Milan in 2014, in Italy there were about 950,000 businesses, of which 770,000 with fixed locations.
As in every other field, even Retail today finds itself interfacing with a new consumer, who plays a more active, dynamic, and demanding role.  Here are a few figures to put these changes into perspective: Internet has reached about 3 billion users in the world, of which one third is used to regularly making on-line purchases. 
According to the Polytechnic of Milan Observatory of Multichannel Management, 84% of the multichannel consumers used the Internet as their main source for gathering information on products and services, while 78% use it to compare prices.

New competitive scenarios

The Digital Presence in Retail records an exponential increase in touchpoints with the clients and has developed an integration among the different channels used: Web, Mobile, Smart TV, Smart Watch, and the entire production and distribution line. 
Businesses must be aware and adopt new strategies in time, changing their business models. Confines are no longer so clear and a convergence between B2C and B2B can be noted since companies can sell successfully when the production line upstream has adapted to the changes in market demands, through an integrated digitalization, which covers from payments to logistics and even to the commercial offering.
Noovle  is heading in this direction, developing personalised solution based on the specific needs of each company.

The Customer Journey according to Noovle

The originality and completeness of Noovle’s proposal reside in having interpreted and translated the needs of the retail world from the dual point of view of both the consumer and the company, providing the latter with tools able to intervene also on organizational aspects and process simplifying workflow.
Tracing behaviors and actions, from the phase of discovery of products to that of purchase and subsequently of engagement and loyalty, allows to know the client and his personality in a human-to-human approach. With Big Data technology and Customer Identity Management systems, companies can gather a large amount of data coming from different touch-points, physical and ritual. Users’ history is rebuilt in an increasingly precise manner, updated in real time and analyzed so that the retailer can derive useful information to develop winning business strategies. Noovle’s solution offers modular tools to build a strategy oriented towards the “personalized marketing” model.
What drives is the Customer Journey, both offline and online; the new business models, such as the one proposed by Noovle, focus on the consumer and develop an offer able to cover his needs by proposing a shopping experience on all company communication channels.

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