Cybersecurity Solutions

Companies are undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation. In an increasingly automated world, in which people and things are always interconnected, there is a growing need for control and protection in both the corporate and the residential world. Businesses and organizations have to manage security issues that include the proliferation of phenomena such as BYOD, IOT, virtualization, mobile applications, SDN, and Big Data.

The 2016 Clusit Report – the Italian Information Technology Security Association – reports that cybercrime has increased by 30%. The year 2015 reported the highest number of serious attacks in the last 5 years.

In Italy, an estimated EUR 9 billion is lost each year due to cyber-attacks on businesses, caused by the constant increase in cybercrime (+ 34%), phishing (+ 50%), ransomware (+ 135%), yet 33% of companies continue not to invest in security.


Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

is the process of identifying and quantifying the state of vulnerability, in terms of security, of an IT environment

Penetration Test (PT)

searches for security problems or bugs within the elements that make up a computer system (including network devices, servers or applications), but instead of being conducted as a vulnerability assessment, it goes further by simulating a potential attack.
The professional service of Penetration Test is organized in different modules elaborated according to the needs of the client and the scope of action. The primary scopes of action include: applications, networks and workstations


Reporting and in-depth analysis of scopes of action

a detailed document describing the tests carried out in order to adopt the proper countermeasures

Google Cloud Platform

Google’s security model was constructed based on decades of experience focusing on customer security with applications like Gmail, Google Search, and many others. All Google products, including the Cloud Platform were in fact developed with security considered as a core element. The Google Information Security Team consists of more than 500 leading experts in IT, application and network security.

The Cloud Platform and the entire Google infrastructure is certified according to numerous standards through controls carried out by independent and third-party bodies that assess its level of security, privacy, and protection.

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