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Publishing and Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has made an enormous impact in the field of publishing: from production processes to logistics, from communications to distribution.

14% of production takes place with digital printing

59.9% of publishers are also active on-line

12% of sales are managed via the Internet

The digital market continues to grow: phenomena like “print-on-demand”, e-tailers, and e-book readers have favoured its growth and contributed to the progressive digitalization of contents. At the centre of this epochal evolution we find a consumer who has changed completely, active within a global community, where he interacts, exchanges information, and creates content himself.

The challenge in the bookshop

During the development phase of a publishing product, it becomes important to take advantage of the tools made available by digital marketing, extrapolating keywords and information capable of summarising the sentiment that characterises some on-line themes.

Getting to know the customer identity makes it possible to enhance the advertising message for the target.  
Once on the market, through a targeted analysis, it is possible to obtain the tone of voice used by users speaking of a title on-line and social networks.


The catalogue and sale can be optimised thanks to the web, both on a level of communications and sales channel. 
The Google Search engine applied in various digital environments improves the user’s customer experience: quickly finding the pertinent and most relevant information can improve the performance of one’s own e-commerce and on-line catalogue.

Even the analysis of Big Data is a new frontier. Many companies need to be able to manage and analyse volumes of heterogeneous data from a variety of sources. Collecting this data by correlating them with traditional trade data makes it possible to understand not only the best-selling titles in the bookshop in real time, but also market trends, therefore knowing how to forecast future evolutions.


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