The perfect balance between Cloud opportunities and On-Premise systems
Hybrid Cloud | Il sogno di ogni IT Manager

The growing demand for business applications and the hectic pace that companies and organizations are facing today threaten the effectiveness of IT Legacy systems that are too often characterized by separate information silos and data centers that add complexity to each stage of the digital transformation process.
Noovle has grasped these needs of the market and proposes a solution that offers the perfect balance between Cloud opportunities and On-Premise systems by identifying the best way to manage the integration of data and applications.
The Noovle strategy thus consists of easing increased adoption and management of hyperconvergent infrastructures within the data center, but also of simplifying the implementation and administration of multi-cloud environments, in which private, public, and hybrid clouds coexist, interconnect, and interoperate.

Hybrid infrastructure simplifies the implementation, management and resizing of data center resources by combining servers and storage.

The Hybrid Cloud makes it possible to:


the release and time-to-market of products and solutions


applications to respond to customer requests


applications to and from the cloud according to your needs and timing


the time spent managing the infrastructure


your efforts on what really concerns the company’s core business


on costs by improving the efficiency and use of resources

The Hybrid Cloud should not be considered as the final goal, but rather as a starting point for the creation of a corporate cloud. Similar to public cloud services, hybrid infrastructure solutions enable IT teams to start working incrementally and on an appropriate scale to accurately meet company’s business’ needs. Using a hybrid approach allows IT teams to gain control and manage the infrastructure in complete security.

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