The best place to work with G Suite.

Merge employees and information into a corporate social intranet.

For 30 years now the way of sharing information has not changed. Your working day probably starts something like this:

  • You sit in front of the PC and start writing a document or presentation
  • Once the work is finished, you send it to your colleagues by e-mail
  • Each contributor creates his own copy of the document and makes the changes he deems most appropriate
  • Finally, feedback is returned and you have to untangle the various changes

This is a very usual and widespread way of doing things, though certainly not the best.
Today, work has changed. A company’s human capital frequently needs to operate on the move, and therefore needs to access information from different devices, from cell phones, tablets or laptops. Offering the most suitable collaboration tools to the company’s human capital allows them to save time, be more efficient and effective, and enjoy the pleasantness of team work utilizing engaging and personalized User Experience technology.

Working with better communication and business collaboration is a determining factor for success, for offering customers higher quality service and ultimately for remaining competitive on the market



is the best workspace that allows you to work with G Suite in an integrated manner



supports corporate communication, conveying the information contained in Drive through a single channel



completes the Google Cloud offer, proposing a true virtual workplace for the entire corporate staff


Support your team’s productivity in a truly collaborative workspace

Channels allows you to combine all the information from your team in a single collaborative space. You can discuss, share files and folders, organize team engagements through Calendar and use Hangouts.


Easily create beautiful interactive pages

The structure of the pages makes them perfect for communicating static information: company news, information from the HR department and company policies


Update and share the corporate organizational chart in real time

This section allows you to find the right people in your company, you can connect with them and see their profiles. Searches by name, job title, department or skill are available. This way you can always find the person in your organization that has the information and skills you need at the moment.

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