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More than 70 organizations have chosen Noovle to start their innovation journey

From the regulatory State to a partner State

The Government has taken up the innovation challenge and has chosen to promote digital transformation as a driver of development to revolutionize society as a whole and to act as an active subject in the adoption of the culture of collaboration and sharing aimed at involving all actors: from the central government to regional government, including metropolitan cities and municipalities, with the citizen always at the center of the whole process.
In the 2014-2020 programming cycle the “National Governance and Institutional Capacity Operational Program” identifies digitalization as one of the strategic tools for the implementation of the government’s reform and modernization measures.
Digitalization is the key to the rethinking and re-engineering of organizational processes with a view to simplification, optimization and efficiency of the new operating models, and government agencies and companies are called upon to revise their internal processes, information, applications and resources in a digital manner, integrating new models with existing systems.
The traditional service models have now definitively been surpassed by the new sharing paradigms with a totally “web-centric” approach and under the banner of a single keyword: usability.

Noovle’s vision and the value of the dematerialization, collaboration and archiving platforms for Digital Administration.

Secure, flexible and scalable information infrastructures make it possible to manage, archive and protect corporate information assets, making information always accessible and shared to facilitate the optimization of processes and create long-term economic and management advantages: the productivity of each organization is inextricably linked to the management of information flows and internal processes.

Management of corporate information – the Enterprise Information Management – combines::

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM),
  • Business Process Management (BPM),
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Business Intelligence

to surpass traditional IT-related barriers in managing internal processes and structured and unstructured information.

Noovle integrates the global dimension of Google for Work technology with specific solutions dedicated to government agencies for the management and the dematerialized storage of processes and documents. Additionally, it directs needs and applications of complex structures in a structured manner.

In compliance with the dictates of the Italian legislation, Noovle offers – in the IT Protocol, in the management of the stipulations and resolutions, in the billing cycle, and in the archiving of public supply contracts – the same usability of more widespread products employed by users on a daily basis.

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