Google Jamboard & Chrome Devices

Google devices suitable for any use. View your ideas in a new and collaborative way

The Whiteboard with something extra!

Over the last few years, G Suite has transformed the way companies and organizations interpret the concept of collaboration and work spaces, further enhancing the tools available for meeting rooms.

From now on by using Jamboard you can enter the most important part of the creative process: with Jamboard your ideas come to life.

Why Jamboard?


It has an intuitive and rapid interface


It allows you to experience the collaborative process in real-time even remotely


The system is natively integrated with G Suite

Noovle is Google Cloud Premier Partner authorized to distribute Jamboard in Europe

The Noovle team is available to offer insights and product demo

Chromebook and Chromebox for Meetings: Sales and Consultations

With Chromebook and Chromebox for Meetings you have the convenience of working anywhere, with any device, and using web-based applications.
Whether you select Chromebook, Chromebox or Chromebox for Meetings, the innovative HD video conferencing system, select a solution that guarantees you security, easy management and compatibility with most applications.


Chromebook and Chromebox for Meetings: make meetings easier!


Google Chromebook is easy to configure and manage for the centralised control of users, applications, and devices of the entire company. Excellent for virtualising access to critical applications, using virtual desktops like Chrome RDP, Citrix, and VMware.


Tired of bulky computers? The ASUS Chromebox is built for Google Chrome OS and exploits the advantages of cloud storage. The smallest Chrome computer in the world gives you immediate access to all the data and files in the cloud by simply entering your Google account, wherever you are.

Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit is the tool designed for the meeting room that allows for simpler and more effective conference calls. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit is a set of components designed to offer the best possible experience: it easily adapts to meeting rooms of all sizes.

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