Google Maps Platform

Maps, Routes, Places: Google Maps Platform products

Maps, Routes, and Places are the three Google Maps Platform product lines that make it possible to overlay your data with a personalized Google map. With the most accurate global coverage in the world and an active community of mappers updating the maps every day, users benefit from an ever improving service.

Discover the possibilities offered by the territory through Google Maps Platform, now even more powerful thanks to the Google Cloud Platform

Google Maps Platform provides developers with access to a full range of products: Maps, Routes and Places. Create interesting maps and incorporate them into internal sites, apps and platforms. Provide location-relevant information to your users at any time and let the location create new possibilities for your business.

Make better informed decisions

Review statistics from a single perspective and in a broader context by displaying your data on a Google map.

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Optimize resources

Improve efficiency by monitoring and optimizing resources.

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Involve users

Increase visitor traffic and guide user activities, thanks to the integration of maps into websites and applications.

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Create fantastic apps

Create applications that use the location by integrating the best known map in the world.

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Maps, Routes e Places: Google Maps Platform products

Google Maps Platform products allow you to create powerful applications that monitor assets, alert you to geographic limits and geolocate devices, all through the familiar Google Maps Platform interface.

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