Google Cloud Platform: Services for your business

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Build at the speed of Google with the modular Cloud As a Service platform

The most powerful Cloud in the world to develop limitless projects

Google Cloud Platform is the Cloud platform that hosts modular services that can be used to quickly create digital projects, from websites to more complex applications. Developing projects on Google Cloud Platform means working on the same infrastructure that allows Google to provide users billions of search results in milliseconds, to stream 6 billion hours of video on YouTube per month, and manage 425 millions of Gmail accounts.

Read on and find out what your company can do with the Google Cloud Platform!


Why Google Cloud Platform?

Future proof infrastructure

Safe, global, high performance, economical and constantly improving. The Google Cloud Platform was created to accompany companies and organizations in the implementation of long-term projects.

Analysis and data extremely effective

The use of big data is strategic for companies and organizations that want to find answers faster and create better products.

Serverless, code only

From the design phase to Go Live on a global scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.

Google Cloud Platform, the complete platform to achieve your goals


Google Cloud Platform offers a scalable range of cloud computing options that can be customized to specific needs

Compute Engine

Scalable and high-performance virtual machines

App Engine

For modern mobile and web applications in an open cloud platform

Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine is a managed environment for the distribution of containerized applications


Google Cloud Platform provides storage services that enable easy and fast access to data. Cloud SQL and Datastore for a MySQL or NoSQL database, Cloud Storage for flexible storage.

Cloud Storage

Performance, reliability and industry-leading prices for all storage needs

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL offers a database infrastructure for applications running on any platform

Cloud BigTable

A high-performance NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads

Global Network

Google uses software-defined networking technology to route data packages around the world, enabling fast edge-caching and ensuring that information is always ready for users who request it.

Cloud Virtual Network

Managed networking features for Cloud Platform resources

Cloud load balancing

Scalable, high-performance load balancing in the Google Cloud Platform

Cloud CDN

Distribution of low-latency and low-cost content using the global network of Google

Big Data

Google offers an integrated, proven, end-to-end big data solution based on years of continuous innovation that allows you to capture, process, archive and analyze data within a single platform.

Big Query

A fast, extremely scalable, cost-effective and fully managed enterprise data warehouse for data analysis on any scale

Cloud Dataflow

Simplified data processing in flow and batch mode, with guaranteed reliability and effectiveness

Machine Learning

Fast, scalable and simple to use machine learning services. Google Cloud Platform offers the possibility of using pre-configured templates or customized templates.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a managed service that allows you to easily create machine learning models compatible with data of any type and of any size

Cloud Natural Language

Estrai informazioni significative da testo non strutturato grazie al machine learning di Google

Cloud Speech API

Conversion from speech to text through machine learning technology

Internet of Things

Intelligent IoT platform that offers business information from the global device network

Cloud IoT Core

A fully managed service to connect, manage and import data from devices globally and easily

Focus on the product

With Google Cloud Platform you are free to concentrate time and resources on the development, implementation and redundancy of the application, without worrying about the administration of the system: Google will manage for you servers, databases and storage.

Managed services

Focus on code development, letting Google manage the database, server configuration, and load balancing. You will not even have to transfer any pagers or write standard code.

Developer tool and SDK

Google Cloud Platform integrates with family development tools, such as Eclipse, and provides API client libraries with a command line interface. Just to simplify development in the direction you want.

Single administration console

View and manage all applications from a single console. Check application performance and manage your account and billing using a simple interface.

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