Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts: HD videoconferences for up to 15 participants

Google Hangouts: start and participate in a video meeting with a click!

Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is the audio and video communication system, integrated in G Suite, that makes it possible to organise video conferences with 15 participants connected contemporaneously and enabled to use the collaboration tools in real time (chat) and share the screen.

With Google Hangouts for companies, your business saves time and costs for travel and/or transfers, while continuing to enjoy the advantages of face-to-face meetings with people who are important for your business.
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The public platform to show off your brand

Directly transmit a Hangout open to the public to present a new product or make an important announcement. The video conference will be transmitted in streaming in HD and will be saved automatically in your YouTube channel.

Integrated with Calendar, always just a click away

When you add an event on Google Calendar, you can insert a Hangout: in this way, when the meeting begins, each guest can join with a simple click.

Custom controls for administrators

Advanced administration features to restrict access to Hangouts for external participants, disable chat history, and exclude participants to ensure the confidentiality of the meeting.

Video conferences in HD with the entire team

Organise a Hangout by inviting up to 15 people, inside or outside of your company. The screen automatically highlights the person who is talking, while the intelligent audio deactivation eliminates background noises.

Easy to use, wherever you are

Participating in a Hangout is really simple: just one click and the entire team can participate from desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphone with equal ease.

Sharing an integrated screen

Google Hangouts makes it possible to review the last slides and present a tutorial remotely, thanks to the ease of sharing the screen. Then send useful links to the integrated chat that is visualised on the screens of all the participants.

FAQs on Google Hangouts

Can external participants be invited to a Hangout?

Yes. External participants may take part in a Hangout even if they do not have a G Suite account. To guarantee privacy, you can limit access to the Hangout as a default setting.

Are Hangout contents protected?

Yes. All the contents of the Hangouts audio and video stream are encoded. The users can participate securely even if they are out of the office.

What is the limit of participants for a Hangout?

Hangouts can host up to 15 participates with no time limit. You can also use Hangout directly to transmit a Hangout to all the people you want. However, the limit of 15 active participants remains.

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