Verso la Digital Bank
A recent IPSOS survey confirmed the tendency to use Internet to meet financial needs:

47.9% of current account holders chose home banking

44% of users use their smartphone to make financial and banking transactions


82% of users trust advice from their peers in choosing a current account

The dematerialization of contents, the possibility to make transactions on-line, and the accessibility of data and always-on information will continue to contribute to defining a customer experience increasingly correlated to the web. Within this new scenario, banking institutes will have to be capable of objectively and coherently evaluating even their own e-reputation and the widespread opinions concerning their product portfolio.

Noovle for banks
Noovle operates in all aspects of digitalization in the banking sector: from the simplification of company processes introduced by Smart Working, to Search Solutions to organise and search internal documentation, to the development of locators that enable users to geolocate different branch offices on the territory. All this is complemented by the Big Data Analysis created for large financial companies. Having the possibility to track, analyse, and sound the behavioural habits of users will be a key asset over coming years not only for fintech, but for the entire banking system, called upon to review the client loyalty process entirely.


Today we have the certainty that the level of backup, disaster recovery and traceability gives us 100% control, with absolute security compared to the risk problems we had before. Noovle supported us in the migration on Gmail and in the integration of the API, offering great planning and professionalism.

Loris Riva

Project Manager, Centrale Attività Finanziarie S.p.A

For us, Noovle is a strategic partner. It allowed us to make progress towards improving internal communication. The maintenance and conservation of existing projects is always accompanied by the possibility to evolve and innovate further.

Eugenio Lanzetta

Internal Communication Officer, Banca Sella Holding

Noovle was our partner in the development of this project. I specifically used the word partner and not supplier because for BeAtlas we had in mind something unique and truly innovative: the idea we had had to be developed in a very short period of time and in this case the agile approach of Noovle, who advised Liferay, it was really precious.

Lorenzo Zannini

Business Prototype Laboratory, Project Director, BPER Banca

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