Events history

Noovle lands in Malta!

With the recent opening of the headquarter in Malta, Noovle, the first Google Cloud Premier Partner in Europe, invites maltese stakeholders to an exclusive Summit dedicated to Google Cloud technologies.

Every organization needs innovation: when making this transition, most companies are not just looking at how they can move their existing computing to the cloud, but also to reduce costs, increase reliability and security. They need to be more competitive.

The Next Big Shift: Empower the Modern Customer

We have discovered how Google technology, increasingly based on the logic of artificial intelligence, improves:
– the Customer Experience, making the user able to control the entire purchasing process;
advanced search solutions, able to assist users virtually and provide them with relevant, exclusive and interesting information.

The Next Big Shift: Locate your Customer Journey

An in-depth study dedicated to the most advanced Location Intelligence technologies. Together with the top experts of Google Maps solutions we have discovered how to enhance the marketing and sales strategies of your reality.


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