Develop, secure, deploy, and monitor your APIs

The Application Programming Interfaces have become part of our digital consumer life: book restaurants, hotels and flights, buy online and view shipment tracking, these are some of the activities that can be completed exclusively thanks to the APIs.

The IT departments of companies and organizations, called to cooperate in close synergy with all business areas, must change their application portfolio. They should be able to offer both traditional applications useful for the maintenance and updating processes of legacy systems, together with less constrained and more innovative applications, and able to intervene easily on digital channels and in the areas of the company most affected by digital change.

Apigee Edge
is the Google platform for API Management.

It aims to integrate into existing communication channels established between applications and APIs. It works as a collector of requests flows allowing to manage heterogeneous environments.

A single communication interface makes it possible to expose and complex the client’s complex legacy architecture as a set of micro services, standardized, standardized, secure and available thanks to the scalability guaranteed by the system. Each element of the communication process between client and server, contained within Apigee, is in fact managed individually and takes the name of Resource and is configurable through graphical interfaces. In a very simple and intuitive way, it is possible to manage and release new versions and make them available immediately.

What are the features of the Apigee Edge Platform?

Manage the full lifecycle of APIs for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Protocol Transformation

Transform from or to any protocol including SOAP, REST, XML binary, or custom

Traffic Management

Flexible, distributed quota management, rate limiting, and spike arrest policies out-of-the-box

API Security

Built-in support for address filtering, JSON and XML schema validation, and bot detection

Data Access & Security

Two-way SSL/TLS, API key validation, OAuth1, OAuth2, SAML, CORS, encrypted store, and HIPAA and PCI compliance

Federated Gateways

Deploy and run your APIs where your apps are, while managing them centrally

API Products

Create different tiers by packaging APIs with varying rate limits and pricing

API Analytics

Fine-grained performance monitoring, including anomaly tracing and drill-down and usage metrics related to apps, developers, and APIs

API Monetization

Flexible rate plans, international billing, and usage tracking

Global Policy Management

Enforce consistent security and governance policies across all APIs

Developer Portal

A customizable portal for API providers to manage developers, APIs, and API documentation and versioning

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