TeamPot | Team task management app

A shared workspace for managing your team's activities: anywhere, anytime, on any device

TeamPot is an application that extends the collaboration features of G Suite by providing a shared workspace for managing activities within the team


TeamPot is closely integrated with the G Suite platform and is delivered as software-as-a-service on the Google Cloud Platform, ensuring reliability and performance.
With TeamPot it is possible to: 

  • Share information in real time
  • Create tasks with deadlines and reminders
  • Organize meetings
  • Plan resources and activities
  • Report work hours

There is also a Kanban Board view available which facilitates the development of projects that respect the principles of the Agile method. The application also permits integration with other third-party platforms and applications for a smooth and efficient usage experience. 
Currently, TeamPot is in BETA production, but thanks to Early Access Program it is possible for companies to request access as an Early Adopter.

A Task Management App full of features


The shared workspace where the team shares information, organizes activities and reports work hours. Projects can be organized better using a label system.


A task is a single activity within the project. It is possible to assign a task to a team member, set a priority and a deadline that will be shown on Google Calendar. Tasks have a status, support attachments and can be organized using labels.


Users can enter worklogs to supply details on the activities performed and the hours spent for each activity, task or meeting. Daily, weekly and monthly views make it possible to have a complete picture of each user’s performance, even cross-project.


For each project a group is created in Google Groups where it is possible to interact with project members wherever they are, by e-mail, using the TeamPot interface, or the Google Groups interface.


The application makes it possible to plan the activities of each individual team member, for each day and for each project, in order to meet staffing needs and deadlines. Planning is visible on the Google Calendar, even for people who are not members of the group.


User provisioning is performed automatically directly from the e-mail addresses in the G Suite Directory. The application can be made available to the entire domain or it may be limited to one organization. A view is also available that allows navigation of the corporate organizational chart.


Within each project it is possible to organize meetings that are synchronized directly with the Google Calendar. The date of a meeting may be rendered flexible to allow participants to propose an alternative date in the event of unavailability on the date initially selected.


For each project created in TeamPot a Google Drive folder is associated by means of which the team can share files relating to the project. The folder is shared with the project team and the read/write permissions reflect the roles assigned to each team member.


TeamPot collects and places in chronological order each user activity performed within the application. This log is available to the user within the TeamPot interface but can also be exported via API or through integration with Google BigQuery.

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Teampot Early Access Program

Help contribute to the creation of a great product designed to facilitate teamwork

The program allows users to:
  • Preview the features
  • Actively participate in the definition of the product roadmap
  • Report bugs and make suggestions
  • Interact directly with the product team

At the end of the beta phase you may use the product at a discount.