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In a smart enterprise, the intelligent use of available knowledge is a decisive factor for business success.

Whether it is Intranet or Web Searches it is crucial to develop technologies that optimize access to knowledge, especially in contexts characterized by high structural complexity and large amounts of data.

Search solutions improve productivity, secure sharing of strategic information and help companies improve market positioning.
Noovle has a decade of experience in developing projects based on Google Enterprise Search, the Google Cloud product that will be definitively taken off the market at the end of 2018. 

As a Certified Premier Partner we can already announce that by the first half of 2018 Google Cloud will introduce an updated version of Google Search capable of searching third-party repositories, both on-premise and in the cloud. The product roadmap will also include an indexing API for importing content from any business source and a query API for extracting search results.

Our technical team has been working over the last few months at finding and proposing alternative solutions to the market that meet the high quality standards that have been guaranteed to date, trying to meet the needs of each organization through the best tools.

Elasticsearch. The natural search engine for Cloud computing

Elasticsearch is an Open Source search and analysis server that permits full-text searches and answers in real time. It is designed to use distributed architectures in order to ensure scalability and performance.

The system is totally supported by the Google Cloud Platform and offers the ability to develop projects based on Machine Learning.

Full-text search

Elasticsearch uses Lucene, the most powerful full-text library available in the open source world. The engine offers multi-language support: a powerful language for search queries, support for geolocation, did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete, and facets.


Schema free

Elasticsearch offers a very simple system: when it receives a JSON document it attempts to understand its structure, index it and make it searchable. It is then possible, based on your knowledge of the data, to improve the mapping according to your needs.

Excellent reliability

An Elasticsearch cluster is resilient: it is able to identify and remove non-operating nodes, organizing itself automatically to maintain the consistency and accessibility of data.

Data in real time

The data flow in the processing systems is constant. With Elasticsearch we can have real-time information on activities and events related to them.


Data analysis

Elasticsearch offers the ability to explore data through Kibana – a window able to start real-time analysis and return graphic reports of corporate data. Thanks to this feature it is possible to grasp useful insights to improve a product or make strategic decisions for your business.

PUMA. Noovle’s semantic search engine

Improve your company’s performance using semantics. PUMA makes it possible to understand the “meaning” of contents using a textual analysis that goes beyond simple quantitative data and solves the ambiguities of linguistic expressions to identify the key concepts and the correlations between them.


Semantic classification

Methods of natural language analysis and of semantic classification of texts make it possible to search for documents based on the meaning of their content and identify conceptual relationships automatically.

A single access point for all information

PUMAEnterpriseSearch is an advanced system for document management and searches. All the knowledge necessary for the functioning of an organization, from both internal and external sources (documents, archives, e-mails, intranet pages, web pages, etc…), is analyzed, classified and made available in a single access point, with a simple and intuitive interface.

A customizable platform for all company functions

PUMAEnterpriseSearch is an open platform that is customizable to suit different business use contexts. Puma includes the following solutions: Puma4marketing – for the assessment of competition, Puma4HRfor skill evaluation and Puma Company Portal – for the rationalization of information flows within the company.


Mindbreeze InSpire is delivered as a company search appliance with pre-installed software: simply configure the data sources and start indexing the information. Starting tomorrow information will become knowledge for your business

Hybrid research

Mindbreeze InSpire indexes both internal data and data from the Internet in a semantic search index.

It permits the utmost customization of your search apps

Thanks to Mindbreeze InSpire it is possible to design specific search apps for each business feature, drawing on all the data contained in the semantic search index.

Access from mobile devices: anytime and anywhere

Mindbreeze InSpire allows you to use mobile devices to search all company information contained in the semantic search index.

Provides connectors for a wide range of systems

Mindbreeze InSpire intelligently integrates information coming from all the platforms that are strategic for the company. Examples of connectors: fileshares, e-mail systems, Document Management Systems (DMS), CRM systems, HR systems, legacy applications, intranet, corporate portals.


Verification of access rights: users find only what they are allowed to

Mindbreeze InSpire ensures that every user finds only the business documents that he/she is authorized to access. The system verifies access rights directly from indexed data sources. If the access rights for a particular user are changed, Mindbreeze InSpire ensures that the change in access rights is recognized for each subsequent search.

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