SAPⓇ Customer Data Cloud from Gigya

Attract online visitors and turn them into known, loyal customers with the Gigya’s Sap Customer Data Cloud

The SAP® Customer Data Cloud from Gigya platform allows you to discover the real value of your users: provides strategic information to build digital relationships with customers based on transparency and trust, and to increase the ROI.

Noovle is a SAPⓇ Partner has a consolidated experience in SAPⓇ Customer Data Cloud from Gigya projects aimed for our clients in the consumer goods sector: Noovle your reference point for designing and consulting on Customer Identity Management projects.

Discover SAPⓇ Customer Data Cloud from Gigya

SAP Customer Identity

Securely identify and engage customers across channels and devices, provide a convenient way for customers to connect with your digital properties, deliver a more relevant customer experience based on first-party data, and protect your customers and your business with advanced security and privacy features.

Personalized and limitless Customer Experience

Capture customers’ permission-based identity data to power personalized, while respecting consumer privacy and addressing data protection regulations

Securely identify online visitors from any touchpoint

Benefit from specialized protection against account takeover and DDoS attacks

SAP Customer Consent

Centrally manage your customers’ preferences and consent settings throughout their full lifecycle, from awareness to advocacy and beyond, while putting them in control of their own data. Build customer relationships based on transparency and control while complying with regional data protection laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Implement customizable, out-of-the-box workflows to present clear consent requests for any permission-based activity

Automatically trigger requests to renew consent every time terms and policies change

Enforce consent across every channel in your digital ecosystem


Offer your customers the ability to manage all aspects of their relationships with your brands

SAP Customer Profile

Build rich customer profiles from permission-based customer data and seamlessly orchestrate them across every application and service in your technology stack. Administrators gain granular governance of all customer accounts and technology platforms from a central location, and marketers get access to advanced analytics and reporting features to drive better customer segmentation and personalization.

Centralize your customer data within a fully indexed, dynamic schema database that can capture a wide variety of structured and unstructured information

Orchestrate customer identity, profile and account status via integrations that enable bidirectional data flows between marketing, sales and service applications

Govern all customer accounts and data from a centralized location


Analyze customer identity, profile and account status data to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and drive more accurate segmentation

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