Noovle 4 Search

La (RE)evolution del Search

Organizations that want to embrace digital change need to create intelligent and interconnected digital networks between people, mobile devices, dynamic content and customized services. Today, advanced search solutions are the first point of contact on the Internet. They enable companies to create value, as well as to improve productivity, make information sharing safe, and facilitate better positioning on the market.

Research is innovation: universal, natural, intelligent.

Noovle has a decade of experience in developing projects based on Google Enterprise Search (GSA).

Now we are pleased to offer the market Noovle 4 Search, a customized solution capable of accompanying companies into the future of research. The Noovle 4 Search solution makes use of the best technologies available on the market today, combining traditional document searches with the new frontiers of user interaction and research: virtual voice and text assistants – such as the proprietary ChatBot EMIL.IOa semantic, ontological and georeferencing search engine.

Noovle 4 Search is a solution that perfectly meets the needs of companies and organizations, because it:


Generates relevant results that meet user expectations

Provides custom offers based on the implicit and explicit interests of users


Significantly improves online channel revenues and user interaction

Uses simple and intuitive interfaces

Offers endless search options

Centralizes information both online and offline

Permits implementation on premise, in cloud or, on hybrid architectures

Offers real-time data updates based on user searches

The Different Versions of Noovle 4 Search


Makes the experience of searching for information on web properties relevant through the use of conversational interfaces that simplify the search and provide contextual suggestions


Offers value-added services like product recommendations and reminders about the user’s shopping cart


Renders the company knowledge base easily accessible on all devices at any time, automates searches using natural language interaction or by voice search, facilitating access even on the move


Optimizes assistance work by eliminating the most frequent search operations; this can be handled by conversational interfaces or IVR systems

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