Change Management according to Noovle

What is Change Management and why is it important?

Every project that involves adopting or transitioning to a new platform brings with it many concerns for all the people taking part in the change. Considering, evaluating and managing this impact is key to facilitating this process and increasing the return on investment of the new technology.

Change Management, in alignment with the technical part of a project, takes care of all these aspects, focusing on the people, who are the true multipliers of the result.

Only people who are strongly motivated to change and aware of the right approach to take, can in fact be capable of making the transformation process that the management of a company decides to undertake in the technological field a success.

Noovle, thanks to its years of experience in this area, beginning with large projects involving transition to the G Suite platform, now has a structured method in place capable of managing change processes.

The method

Change Management follows a specific application method that makes it possible to maximize the benefits of the investment by involving people.
It consists of four macro-activities, which are carried out transversally during the three project phases:


This phase involves clarification of the objectives of the project and creation of the working team between Noovle and the client. It also includes training of the technical staff and the first communication activities designed to make staff aware of the beginning of the project.


This critical phase involves dividing personnel into groups: Noovle accompanies and supports the client in identifying needs and impact of the change for each group, adapting communications and training styles. It is recommended that there be a pilot user group to promote the change and act as future points of reference. The pilot users provide valuable feedback that can be useful in adapting subsequent steps.


The final phase involves the start of the communication campaign and the training program for the remaining company employees. Special attention should be given to the distribution of appropriate teaching tools in line with the project and to receiving global feedback in order to evaluate user adoption.


Hiring the right project team to ensure success


Grasping the impact of the change and the transformation opportunities


Sharing the vision and benefits of the change


Increasing awareness about the new technological tools and the new approach to work

The benefits of managing change?


Quicker adoption of the new technology


Better communication within the company


Greater staff involvement


Lower project costs


Increased productivity and efficiency of staff


Less risk of frustration among the staff


Better collaboration and teamwork


Less effort required of technical and support staff

Evolution Lab: Communication, Sharing and Innovation

In response to an evaluation of the requests of the market and its customers, Noovle has developed the EVOLUTION LAB training method, which is ideal for organizations that already have a basic understanding of G Suite tools.

EVOLUTION LAB is a new type of training that consists of three different training modules: Communication, Sharing, and Innovation.

Each of these modules combines application training with an approach focused on people’s behavior. Users thus receive instruction about a new way of dealing with knowledge and managing their relationships, combining these concepts with the proper practical ideas about how to use G-Suite tools.

The EVOLUTION LAB training program is innovative in terms of form and contents.

It helps to foster motivation, improve relations among colleagues and increase the propensity to continuous evolution, relying on working methods and behaviors typical to all offices, even within the same organization.

For this reason, one of its strong points is its ability to unite personnel and users, who differ greatly by role or task, into a single group.

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