Maps, Routes e Places: Google Maps Platform products

Maps, Routes, and Places are the three Google Maps Platform product lines. They provide advanced features and support for organizations that add maps to paid websites or mobile applications, internal websites, or asset tracking applications.

Much more than a map

Maps, Routes and Places: a collection of APIs that allows you to overlay your data with a customized Google map. It is possible to create interesting web and mobile applications with the powerful Google mapping platform including satellite imagery, Street View, elevation profiles, driving directions, stylized maps, demographic data, data analysis and a large database of locations. With the most accurate global coverage in the world and an active community of mappers updating the maps every day, users benefit from an ever improving service.

Worldwide mapping using reliable data reaches 99%

There are 25 million daily updates in real time

Active users each month number 1 billion


Use the Maps API to offer your users access to customized maps and Street View images


Offer a view of the world using extremely-detailed maps


Customize your maps


Take advantage of the scalability of the Google Maps Platform that allows you to modulate services and consumption according to your company's needs


View static or interactive maps. Customize them using areas highlighted with lines, colors, polygons and customized images to make them correspond to your Brand Identity.

Street View

Incorporate Street View images and high resolution satellite images.


Routes enables users to find the optimal route utilizing real-time traffic information


Provide reliable route directions anywhere in the world


Create more efficient route options and improve your users' travel experience


Allow your employees to travel freely even at peak times


Calculate current or future travel times based on real-time traffic for the different route options.


Create precise routes by determining the path for a vehicle and the nearest roads along the way.

Distance Matrix

Provide travel times and distances for one or more locations.


Places is the product comprised of a set of APIs that allows users to get to know the world through the tracking of details and information for over 100 million points of interest


Enable users to explore the world around them


Offer a better use experience thanks to Location Intelligence services


Make your company visible by using data and information tracked on the Google Maps Platform

Place Details

Provide names, addresses, and other details such as ratings, reviews, or contact information for over 100 million places.

Find Place

Turn a phone number, address or name into a place.


Convert addresses to geographic coordinates or vice versa.

Time Zone

Reset the right time zone for any position.

Current Place

Identify a place through real-time information such as the time of day or user location.


Automatically returns location suggestions as users type.


Returns the precise location of a Wi-Fi-based device or telephone repeaters.

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