Google Vault

Google Vault: eDiscovery functions and additional storage

Google Vault: manage e-mail and chats saved in your business registry

Google Vault is an additional component of G Suite that makes it possible to save, search, and export company e-mails and chats to respect the requirements of conformity and eDiscovery. It also enables you to search for files saved in Google Drive. Google Vault is included in G Suite Unlimited and in G Suite for Education. For other versions of the platform, Google Vault is an additional and optional service.
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Saving data for legal disputes

In case of legal disputes, Google Vault allows you to be ready because you can save the Gmail data of the users for a period of time longer than the standard time.

Easy exportation in standard formats

Export e-mails, chats, and files recovered in standard formats, ideal for further revision and/or editing. You can export the results for any license account.


Control reports to trace activities

Use the control reports to trace the actions taken by users in Google Vault: thanks to the control log, you can verify searches, visualise messages, export, and more.


Archive for e-mails and chats

Set the storage time for e-mails and chats saved in the registry. Specify the time criteria for the entire domain or according to organisational units or date intervals or specific terms.

Search powered by Google

Google Vault uses the power of Google search, which makes it possible to quickly recover precious information, even from closed accounts. Collect all the documents necessary for the legal office and avoid losing data following the turnover of personnel.

FAQs on Google Vault

What is eDiscovery?

The electronic identification, or eDiscovery, is the process that makes it possible to search and find information in electronic format. It is used for questions and legal surveys.

What happens to the data of eliminated accounts?

If you eliminate a user, all the data associated with that user account present in Google will be removed. Google recommends suspending user accounts instead of eliminating them as standard practice

How can I acquire G Suite plus Vault?

After having begun the free trial of G Suite, you can acquire Google Vault from the Administration Console. Otherwise, you can acquire Vault by contacting a sales office.

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