Google Sites

Google Sites: websites that are easy to create for teams and clients

Google Sites: create websites and intranet without writing even one line of code.

Among the G Suite tools, Google Sites allows you to create websites with extreme ease: without writing even one line of code, you can launch an intranet for your company, develop a project site for your team, or a portal dedicated to your clients.
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Integrated Google search in Sites

On sites created with Google Sites, the search tool is the Google engine, the most powerful for finding the right information on all websites. Speed, efficiency, quality.

Quickly add contents with gadgets

Improve the experience of your website by integrating calendars, maps, videos, documents, and more. Everyone can access the most recent contents from just one centralised position.


Data is secure, thanks to sharing controls

Choose which users/groups are authorised to visualise or modify the site. Decide if you want it to be visible to specific colleagues or to the entire organisation or to anyone on the web.


Create project sites

With Google Sites, you can create websites with the same ease as writing a text document. The teams are free to build an internal site without having to count on IT specialists or web developers.

Concentrate interesting contents in a single point

Use the site as a reference point for the team, where all the most important project contents can be published, like the most recent sales materials or information about a corporate event.

FAQs on Google Sites

Can I buy a domain through Google?

Google can help you acquire a domain through one of our domain host partners. At the time of registration, select the option to buy a new domain and we will help you to configure it for use with G Suite, guiding you through the procedure.

It is possible to insert Google Sites under the URL of my domain?

Yes. Your project site can be visualised under the URL of your personalised domain. When people visit your site, they will remain on unless they click an external link.

Can external visitors access a company website?

Yes. People outside your company can access your website even it they do not have a G Suite account. You can also decide to limit access through the sharing settings.

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