Google Documents

Google Documents: improve your team efficiency

Google Documents: collaborate in real time and work wherever you are.

With Google Documents create, share, and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, engaging presentations, modules, and surveys. All directly from your browser, with no need for dedicated software installed on your computer.

Moreover, Google Documents guarantees the same user experience on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, so you can also get the most out of your working day.

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Work on multiple devices, with or without Internet

Create, modify, and share documents from Android devices, iPads, and iPhones. Thanks to the Chrome browser for Mac and PC, you can work with Google Documents offline, too.

Control sharing easily

Decide who can access documents and folders. Assign a single user or groups the authorisation to modify the files, visualise them, or simply add comments.

More productivity with additional components

Thanks to third-party applications, Google Documents becomes even more functional to meet your needs. You can even create personalised components for your domain.


Comments, chats, and modifications in real time

Work at the same time on the same document with team members and people outside the company. Observe the modifications while the other type, communicate via chat, and use comments to ask questions.


Works with the most common types of files

Import documents from your PC to make them modifiable instantaneously, including files from Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoints, and PDFs. Export from Google Documents to the computer in the most common formats, like .docs, .pdf, .odt, .html, .xlsx, .ppt.

Unlimited chronology of revisions

Keep track of changes made to the documents and, if necessary, cancel them. The previous versions of the document are stored indefinitely, without encroaching on the storage space available on Google Drive.

FAQs on Google Documents

Does Google Documents work offline?

Yes. This function is available in Chrome browsers. If you haven’t done so, try Chrome: it’s free and easy to install.

Can I share files outside of Google Documents?

Yes. You can change the settings of individual documents to allow the people you want to access them and visualise or modify them, or make comments.

Can I convert my existing documents into Google Documents?

Yes. You can convert many types of different files into Google Documents. The original file will remain intact.tto.

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