Google Drive

Google Drive: the secure cloud for storing and sharing files

Google Drive: to have your work always at your fingertips

Save all your files online thanks to Google Drive: the only point where you can save your documents and share them immediately with other team members. The automatic backup of files also increases the security of your work.
It will no longer be necessary to sent attachments or combine different versions of files: all the files are saved on Google Drive and can be accessed at any moment and from any device (computer, tablet, and smartphone).
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Powerful searches by Google

Do you need a file? Forget searching from among dozens of folders: insert a keyword and in a few seconds you will find the document you need, thanks to the power of the internal search engine, the same as Google.

Easy management of sharing controls

Choose if you want to share a file or keep it private. Grant authorisation to download, modify, comment, or visualise the documents: like this you will always have just one version of the same file.

Third-party applications to upgrade Google Drive

On Google Drive there are third-party applications that are integrated to increase functions. For example, use DocuSign for electronic signatures, LucidCharts for prototypes, or Smartsheets for the management of projects.

All the space you need... and more

Each user has 30 GB of storage available, shared between Google Drive and Gmail. Do you need more space? Choose the unlimited storage plan. The G Suite accounts with fewer than 5 users have 1 TB per user.

Automatically synchronise files with the computer

Synchronise files saved on Drive (all of them or only some) in a special folder on your computer. All the modifications made locally will be automatically conveyed to Google Drive and vice-versa.

Visualise files without buying other software

Google Drive is the only software that you need to visualise files: open more than 40 of the most common file formats, including videos, images, Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and PDF.

FAQs on Google Drive

What types of files can I upload to Drive?

Users can upload any type of file on Google Drive and convert any type of file into the Google Documents format based on the Web, or in Documents, Spreadsheets, or Presentations.

How much storage space do I have available with Google Drive?

Every user receives 30 GB of storage space between Gmail and Google Drive at € 4 per user per month, or unlimited storage space per user per month at € 8 (accounts with fewer than 5 users receive 1 TB per user/body)

What is different about the paid-for version of Drive?

The paid-for version of Drive makes it possible to access additional storage space (double the storage space of Gmail for personal use), 24/7 assistance, control of sharing and advanced reporting functions. For another € 4 per user per month you can upgrade and have unlimited storage space (accounts with fewer than five users receive 1 TB per user).

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