Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

A set of cloud-based and modular services that allow you to develop any project, from a simple website to complex applications.

Google Apps

G Suite

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Noovle is a G Suite reseller.

Google Maps

Google Maps Platform

All information on the map, shared with people inside and outside your organization and on different devices.

G Suite

G Suite is a set of tools based on cloud computing that helps you and your team to collaborate and be productive wherever you are and from any device.
Noovle is G Suite reseller and Premier Partner Google Cloud: your point of reference for sales and advice on G Suite.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform allows you to create, implement, size and manage applications, websites and services on the same infrastructure that Google runs on.
Noovle is Premier Partner Google Cloud: your point of reference for sales and advice on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Maps Platform 

Google Maps Platform offers the best-known maps in the world to help you and your employees view company data and make better decisions.
Noovle is Premier Partner Google Cloud: your point of reference for sales and advice on Google Maps Platform.

Proven scalability and reliability

Google is committed to making the performance, scalability and reliability of its technology available to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. It has created a proven infrastructure, capable of handling over 100 billion queries every month, which loads 100 hours of new video per minute on YouTube and offers scalable services like Gmail to hundreds of millions of users, with the availability of 99.978% and no scheduled downtime.

Security and privacy

Google’s commitment to the security and privacy of your data is paramount and is committed to protecting you and your business from any attempt to harm it. Google Cloud technology is able to withstand all unlawful attempts to access customer data, whether it comes from hackers or government agencies. Keeping your data protected is the foundation of our business.

Third party review

We wish to contribute to reassuring you about the measures we take to protect the security and privacy of your data. That’s why we rely on independent auditors who review our data protection policies. Following these reviews, we received ISO 27001 audit reports and certifications for many of our business services.

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