Digital Marketing Solutions and Social Media Cloud Management

Brand Reputation, Engagement, Customer Identity Management, and Customer Experience play an increasingly important role in the development of business

Developing the communication of your own brand through digital channels is key to the communications strategy of every business and Public Administration.


The 4 priorities of Cloud Digital Management

Knowing the behaviour of your users online, identifying their needs on the web, and profiling your offer according to a defined target are the objectives that Digital Marketing offers and creates, using dedicated technologies that give rise to a virtuous circle between producer and consumer. The 4 priorities that define this path constitute:

Process efficiency

Omni-channel presence

Open Platform


Measurement of the results and social media monitoring tool

Noovle and the Digital Marketing Road Map

The technologies proposed by Noovle make it possible to manage relations with clients in a collaborative fashion, engaging the users themselves in the development of corporate strategies and ultimately generating a mutually rewarding relationship: user satisfaction and engagement and cost-cutting for the company. An ideal Road Map that is self-feeding and allows Digital Marketing activities to express their full potential and effectiveness thanks to a partnership with leading market players:


Brand Reputation & Listening

Evaluate what people are saying about a company, its products, and brands on the web and in the world of social media. How are marketing campaigns doing? Who are the influencers? And who are the competitors?

Customer Identity Management

Capturing your own audience, creating a Social Login and a Social CRM and then using it to get to know your users/consumers is strategic for the development of business, which inevitably passes through Social Media as well.

Engaging & Digital Communication Intelligence

Harmonising presence strategies makes it possible to engage in relations with consumers and with influencers, respond to negative topics (Social Customer Relationship), and create Social Caring.

Customer Experience & Content Social Media Marketing

People love to look into the eyes of the brand. The web is made of relations, of human interaction: a video can be strategic in reducing the distances between the public and the company.

Human to Human

The numbers highlight how the user is the epicentre of today’s digital scenario and how, in him, a new Customer Identity Experience is born: technology puts him at the centre of a buying process and allows him to interact on two levels, among his peers and with the service provider.

To fulfil this desire, the company must implement a Digital Communication strategy that reflects a new approach, dubbed “H2H”, or Human to Human: orienting digital communication and a more prolific exchange with the user through communication that explores values and tells stories (and finally the brand), as part of a multichannel strategy.

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