Data Center: strategic infrastructure for the Country

Data Centers: a strategic infrastructure for the country

Data Centers and efficient networks for independent cloud solutions

The Data Centers have been built with the highest levels of security, protection, operational capability and energy efficiency. They are connected using a high speed/ low latency network to enable Business Continuity and disaster recovery solutions across Noovle Data Centers, cloud providers and customer premises. Our Data Centers meet the standards required by the most important certifying bodies (ISO, Ansi-TIA, Uptime Institute, LEED, ...) in order to ensure processes excellence and security standards. Our Data Centers have achieved over 100 certifications complying with the European Code of Conduct (CoC) for energy consumption ("Joint Research Center" - "2020 Best Practice Guidelines for the EU Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency").




Our data centers are "green oriented", designed to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency and savings.

Compliance Standards

Compliance Standards

We guarantee our solutions adhere to the Italian compliance standards and regulations.



An ambitious program that includes the ongoing renewal of existing infrastructure and the creation of new data centers in line with the most modern best practices.

Reliability, Security and Performance

We have acquired a strong and modern infrastructure from TIM while it is constantly growing and aspires to become a leader in the Italian market. In 2022 we will have more than 50,000 square meters and up to 100 MW of usable IT power.


Public Cloud Data Centers

Data Centers dedicated to the main public cloud providers platforms.


Core Data Centers

Data centers located throughout the country which offer cloud and colocation services with the highest levels of reliability and security.


Services Centers

Micro Data centers that make it possible to allocate customers' platforms in secure and reliable environments located near their offices.

The Excellence of our Data Centers

Our Data Centers operate under the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability policy.

Creating sustainable Data Centers is our priority. We aimed to set up systems to decrease our level of dependency from energy providers minimizing the environmental impact.

The TIER IV Uptime Data Center in Acilia was designed and built with the highest reliability and security standards taking advantages from solar resources and geothermal effects.

Data Centers reliability has been guaranteed by continuity systems, wire protection and security systems to achieve the maximum level of efficiency.

Flexibility and modularity of our data centers enable us to offer SLAs and costs models aligned with our customers' expectations.

Noovle is a Google Cloud partner.

Noovle is a Google Cloud partner.

TIM and Google Cloud: a strategic partnership for digitizing of Italy through Noovle’s products & solutions.