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A team united by a passion for innovation

Enthusiastic about technology, IT, and web, we are a team of people who share a love for innovation and a passion for what today is defined as Digital Transformation. Innovation is born of a desire to find new solutions by looking at the world we live in from a different perspective.

Our dream is to transform a way of working by making it easy, efficient, and dynamic. We help clients to develop their own strategies by improving their infrastructures and integrating cutting-edge Cloud solutions: Business Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, Social Identity Management, Web Sentiment Analysis, and much more.

The People

The richness of Noovle

The resource at the centre: each person is valued for his or her own skills as they are applied to developing our business. Working in Noovle means being part of a winning team in a stimulating, dynamic, and fun environment.

With more than 100 collaborators and locations in Italy, Switzerland, France, Malta and Slovakia, we have skills and experience in planning, integration, and Change Management and we are always seeking new talent!

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