Cloud Big Data Management & Business Intelligence Software

The importance of business intelligence tools for managing large amounts of terabytes and planning successful business strategies with big data clouds

Big Data technologies support decision making in all phases of the data process: from acquisition to storage, visualization, analysis, and sharing.

Cloud Technologies and Big Data: advantages

Up until recently, thinking about the development of Big Data technologies was practically impossible: in fact, these platforms were too expensive for in-house implementation and incompatible with traditional data management solutions. Now, thanks to the evolution of technology, Big Data has made possible what was not before.


Simultaneous Management

Simultaneous management of structured and unstructured data coming from different sources (images, e-mail, GPS data, social network interactions, videos, Wi-Fi connections, etc…)


Efficient management of large data volumes thanks to the pay-per-use method of using the Cloud (a fraction of the costs of Total Cost of Ownership using traditional systems)

Big Data Management for companies and government agencies

Noovle applies integrated and customized solutions at a corporate level, creating business intelligence systems that make use of Google BigQuery, the technology in charge of the research, analysis and management of Big Data directly on the Google Cloud platform for use in the retail, insurance and finance sectors, as it possible to:


Search and acquire business information in real time

Pay only for the space used and for the number of queries


Store data in numerous data centers securely

Have unlimited storage capacity available

In addition to all this Noovle also places the expertise gained in the management of Google Dataflow, a set of libraries that allow you to easily implement data processing pipelines and provide seamless solutions with BigQuery, effectively streamlining the entire data processing operation with a positive impact on time to business and costs.

New Business Intelligence

Awareness or data awareness of the data held by a company represents one of the strategic advantages that proper management of assets can bring to business. In a market that is becoming increasingly global and interconnected, in which every second gained in the decision making phase has a crucial value, the path is clear: Business Intelligence travels this road, as is testified to by the growth rates of the Big Data market, which, in Italy alone, saw an increase of 14% in 2015.

The future of Big Data

There are many trends on the rise. One of these is undoubtedly real time analysis, or the production of aggregated results from a continuous flow of data. Another field is that of machine learning: predicting future trends, identifying patterns within data, classifying user categories based on their behavior: these are just some of the potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that can be put at the service of companies to extract even more value from their own data.

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