APE: Framework Application

APE: Framework Application for creating web projects 2.0. Developed by Noovle and based on Google App Engine.

Advanced Framework Application for projects 2.0

All the power of the web in the new Framework based on Google App Engine

APE (Application Push Engine) is the framework application developed by Noovle and based on the Google App Engine platform, capable of reducing the costs and development times of web projects that use Cloud computing solutions.

An ideal interface that simplifies the connection between different platforms. Its strong points:


Perfect adaptability with existing structures: the integration takes place with a simple initial configuration, offering flexibility and brief implementation times.


The possibility of reusing the existing code diminishes both short and long-term development considerably, offering greater stability of the processes and simplifying updates and future extensions.


The framework application makes it possible to manage all the Google technologies in a centralized manner, optimising process efficiency and guaranteeing complete control of Cloud instruments.

On the Cloud

A simple front end allows access to the control panel from any device and the use of all the power of the Google App Engine. The Google platform makes it possible to host applications “on the cloud”, distributing scalable and dynamic services. Compatible with different programming languages, App Engine is the ideal solution for developing Extranet applications and dynamic web portals. Integration with the data analysis instruments also joins the connection with the social world and with the Video Cloud platform of Brightcove.

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